Moons Of Madness : Altar Puzzle (Pictures / Symbols) Guide

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As you continue your journey through the Moons of Madness you will eventually reach an underground area known as, Shunned Basement.

This Shunned Basement will eventually lead to an Altar where you will need to solve at least 2 different puzzles, though only one of them is available to solve now. We need to solve the first puzzle before the other one becomes available.

The first puzzle that relates to the Altar is the picture board. You can find a complete guide on that here: Picture Board puzzle

After completing the Picture Board puzzle you can then move on to the next puzzle, you should also now be in the room with the Altar by now too.

Okay moving on..

You will now need to find and locate a set of symbols. These symbols can be found back in the room just before this one, so head back into the last room.

Here you will need to find and locate different symbols which will be rather small in size but white in colour.
You will thankfully find the symbols practically next to each other, so they shouldn’t be too difficult to find in all honesty.

(NOTE: You will need to stare at each symbol until they turn red in colour and the character talks about them)

SYMBOL 1 & 2 (Image above): These are next to a wooden boat
SYMBOL 3 & 4 (Image below): These are to the left of Symbols 1 & 2

Now that you have successfully found all 4 symbols we can now complete the Altar puzzle. Head back into the room with the Altar and touch each of the stone tablets that the Altar is holding, this will make the Altar loose it’s grip on the book. Examine the book to end the section.​

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