Moons Of Madness : Altar (Picture Board) Puzzle Solution Guide

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As you continue your journey through Moons of Madness you will eventually come across the underground area known as, Shunned Basement.

It is here where you will encounter this puzzle which is actually connected to an Altar. However, before we can reach that Altar we need to collect a few pictures first.

Now thankfully this area is quite linear and thus it is probably quite difficult to miss these pictures. However, just in case you are indeed struggling I will list their locations below..

PICTURE 1 – 7:48:15​

After successfully getting past the electric floor you will find yourself in a small room. In this small room is a cabinet with a set of switches, here you will need to flip the Laundry switch in order to turn off the electricity on the floor.

From there you will need to head back through the door, the picture is actually in the room with the now turn off electrical wire. 

PICTURE 2 – 8:55:37

This next one is actually inside the room with the switches you just flipped. It is sitting to the right of the door.

PICTURE 3 – 12:24:43

This one is stuck on a wooden wall, for this you will need to head to this wooden wall and pry it open using the crowbar.
After successfully doing this, the next picture will then fall on to the floor, watch out for the mysterious creature that now silently walks by (The wooden wall is also in the switch room)

PICTURE 4 – 12:57:31

Heading into the next room now, when you reach it explore for a bit until you find what looks to be like an office.
The next picture is sitting on top of a safe which you cannot open, next to a table and on top of a small red folder.

Now in order to get the final picture we will need to solve the Bookcase puzzle. This bookcase is currently blocking our way to the room in which we currently need to gain access too. Here is a video on how to solve that specific puzzle;

Once you have successfully solved the puzzle we can then move on. You will find the final picture (13:00:00) in this very room along with the Altar which needs these pictures. You see all of these pictures we just picked up all relate to this Altar and yet another puzzle to solve!

You will find the final picture sitting on the desk here next to the table lamp and phone. You should now have all of the required pictures to complete the next stage of this puzzle.

In this same very room there should be board with yellow notes on.

These yellow notes all have numbers on and go from 1-5, strangely enough we now have 5 pictures too hmm..

The goal here is to stick the correct picture on each of the 5 yellow notes, the correct order to put them all in is as follows;

1 – 7:48:15
2 – 8:55:37
3 – 12:24:43
4 – 12:57:31
5 – 13:00:00

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