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Nova Drift is an Indie Space Shooter title Developed by the team at Chimeric and Published by Pixeljam.
It features a really well composed soundtrack which fits the game perfectly. Each track feels very relaxing and ambient, enough to put one to sleep.

The gameplay itself is perhaps rather basic and is more of a take on the old school game, Asteroids. Which in itself is not really a bad thing considering how popular and fun those kind of games are.
There is also the option to play either using the Keyboard or Mouse only, whichever you prefer. Neither option makes for a difficult or confusing approach to the controls as there is only around two or three different buttons needed to be used.
Unfortunately there is no story mode within this game instead the game is laid out as more of a survival based game. Your pitted against several different enemy Ships which require obliterating and you need to stay alive for as long as possible, whilst also in the meantime racking up points as you progress through the Endless Void of Space.
It is a great game for those whom may have friends over as you can compete against one another for the best score. Unfortunately however, if you prefer to play alone the game may eventually become boring after a while.
The game does manage to feature a nice range of different Weapons and Upgrades in which you can use to eradicate your foes. 
Though it does not take too long to see similar ones pop up again, which even though may be slightly disappointing it does mean that you can perhaps get used to a certain range of abilities more easier and thus making the overall game much easier in the long run.
The game does feature new abilities if you accomplish certain tasks at the end of the game or after getting that all too familiar Game Over screen. These abilities seem to only appear at certain intervals though. 
There are several stages or waves as they are called in this game to go through, some of which feature some tough foes in which you may find yourself struggling against and needing to find its weak spot.
To help remedy this issue, there is an overall levelling system within the game which of course means despite losing to these foes, the higher your level the easier you will find the foe when it comes to a rematch.
This for us also helps the game become less stale and boring, as it gives more of a reason to keep playing.
For the early stages at least the level grind is nothing to even worry about we we seemed to level up rather fast, perhaps a bit too fast sometimes.

Though the game is perhaps rather basic and sadly one of which that lacks a story to help with this. It overall is not too bad of a game, it has great potential and it can be rather addictive too.
It is perhaps one of the best Indie titles we have had the chance to play, especially with the games soundtrack which again we cannot praise enough.
Game feels and plays like the old school game, Asteroids. So if you enjoy those kind of games then you will love this one!
So strap on your Space Suit and board your trusty Spaceship. Just how long can you survive Nova Drift?


+ Offers a very catchy and well composed Soundtrack
+ The game is easy enough to play whilst also keeping the difficulty curve there in the later stages.
+ Game offers a nice range of Weapons and Upgrades to help with the journey of vanquishing those pesky Space Ships.
+ Offering the ability to switch between Keyboard and Mouse is a nice feature especially if you find one more particularly easier to use.
+ Great for those who have friends around whom want to challenge each other
+ Good, addictive game with a lot of potential


+ The game is rather basic and for those who enjoy playing alone may eventually find boring after a while, perhaps adding a story to it may help prevent this.
+ The Upgrade screen after levelling during Waves can feel boring and all too familiar. However, this is not necessarily a complete bad thing.
Developer: Chimeric Games / Publisher: PixelJam
Release Date: March 27th 2019
Platforms: PC
Genre: Space Shooter
Main Story Length: ——–
Platinum Trophy Length: ——-
Platform Reviewed On: PC

​*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

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