Oninaki : Our Latest Review Has Us Controlling Watchers As We Dance With The Dead!

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Oninaki is another RPG from Tokyo RPG Factory who are known for their popular RPGs such as Lost Sphere and Setsuna.

The game is basically a take on old RPG games and thus tend to stick with no voice acting and is instead replaced with text boxes, which back then was generally how RPGs where made and what they where known for.
The gameplay is a change from their typical games too, having gone from turn based combat to now full on hack and slash.
The combat is actually quite easy to get used to and requires minimal effort, we personally are a huge fan of the combat change and tend to find it quite addictive.
The game also features fallen warriors or Daemons as they are called in this game, they provide the player with additional abilities and are a heavy focus during combat.
You can customise the Daemons from their skills, weapons and abilities. There are also many to find and recruit and each of them have their own unique abilities, so make sure you have equipped the best one for the required task!
The story heavily evolves around the character being able to send the fallen or Lost Souls to their resting place, people with this ability are called Watchers.
People believe in the afterlife and thus death is a normal and apparently an accepted thing in this world. 
However, certain souls require certain tasks to be resolved before they are finally able to rest.

This was a difficult game to get through in the end, having lost a family relative whilst playing through the game and the game being about what it is, I really felt like I could relate a lot. Though, life is all about death and learning how to cope and deal with it.
The game itself was rather enjoyable, though slow the combat does make up for it as its very enjoyable and addictive, I honestly did not know how much I liked hacking and slashing through enemies and turning them into mince meat.
If you enjoy a slow paced game or at least do not mind them and of course enjoying slicing through your victims, then perhaps this would be a good game for you?
Developer: Tokyo RPG Factory / Publisher: Square Enix
Release Date: August 2019
Platforms: PS4
Genre: Action RPG
Main Story Length: 
Platinum Trophy Length: 
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Overall Rating: 4/5

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