Nioh 2 : Tengu’s Disciple (DLC) – All 9 Kodama Locations (Eternal Rivals) Mission Guide

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Just like with the Nioh 2 base game, Nioh 2: Tengu’s Disciple (DLC) also comes with several different Kodama that you can find and collect.

Kodama are cute little green creatures that often hide but also give great company around the Shrine once you have collected them.

One location where you can find and collect these Kodamas is in the Eternal Rivals mission, this mission has a total of 9 different Kodama for you to find and collect

​This guide will show you where all 9 Kodama are hiding whilst in the Eternal Rivals mission


We will start our search from the first Save Shrine (Save Shrine #1)

NOTE: Kodama #1 – Kodama #2 can be found before reaching the second Save Shrine (Save Shrine #2)

You will want to make your way to the wooden walkways (as seen in the image above)
You will now want to descend these walkways so that you are now on the ground floor
You should find your first Kodama on the ground floor next to a set of ladders


Start your search for the next one by climbing up the ladders here, next to where Kodama #1 was found
Now you will want to start ascending the wooden walkways
Keep ascending these walkways until you reach the platform shown in the above image
Notice that there is a platform hiding underneath the one you are currently standing on? Drop down onto that hiding platform
You should now be able to see yet another hiding platform, again underneath you. Once again drop down
You will find your next minion just sat here enjoying the view of the Fire


​We now have access to the second Save Shrine (Save Shrine #2), we will continue our search from there

(Note: Kodama #3 – Kodama #4 can be found before reaching Save Shrine #3)
Head to ground floor via descending the wooden walkways
You will find the third Kodama on the ground floor in the corner by the pillars and when in the background the platform seems to be going down


Now start ascending the wooden walkways again, this time take the path behind where Kodama #3 was (the one I pointed out to you in the last image)
Keep ascending the wooden platforms in order to reach the area in the above image
Head into the little cave here
If you turn right at the fork in the path you should be able to find Kodama #4


Now head up the path opposite Kodama #5. You will come across Save Shrine #3

To avoid any potential confusion you should now have 4 Kodama characters from this mission. Kodama #1-4 can all be found before reaching this segment of the map
Turn right at the fork in the path here, North of the Save Shrine #3
Ignore the bridge and instead head left towards a building
In amongst the building is Kodama #5


Now head across the bridge here that can be found behind Kodama #5. Not the other one that you saw earlier before reaching the buildings (ignore that one, for now anyway)
We want to be back at the fork in the road (where I said head right), this time though we want to turn left and towards yet another building
Head through the building (stick to the right) and head through a large gap in the wall (as seen in the above image)

We will now reach our fourth Save Shrine. 

To avoid any confusion we should now have 5 Kodama characters, Kodama #1-5 can all be found before reaching Save Shrine #4
Moving away from Save Shrine #4, we now want to follow the next path up
Turn right at your next possible chance (ignore the next path going up). Then keep following the path straight until you get an opportunity to turn left and reach the area in the image above. At the next fork turn left again and head up the next path
Stop once the first path going up comes to an end (do not keep following it, stop half way). The next Kodama is at the end of the straight path here


Head back down the path, ignore the first fork that you will come across and instead take the second fork heading left. Follow the red or pink (they look like they could be either or) flowers that scatter across the floor
Head left here and up the wooden path that connects to a large tree
At the end of the tree branches here is Kodama #7


Follow the rest of the tree up and towards a large bridge, cross that bridge
Turn right when the bridge comes to an end, at the following fork head left (where my fancy bubble is heading in the image above)
ou should be able to find Kodama #8 sat at the end of the path staring at a wall, must be thrilling!

Continue on along the path (the path that we haven’t taken yet) and admire the purple flowers on the left, pretty.. 
Keep following the path around, ignoring any forks in the road that may suddenly appear

We should of now arrived at our next Save Shrine (Save Shrine #5). 

Just to avoid any confusion you should now have 8 Kodama characters, Kodama #1-8 can all be found before reaching Save Shrine #5
Continue on from the Save Shrine, then head right at the next fork so that you are following the path down.
The final Kodama can be found by the tree here. Just before the set of doors


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