Nioh 2 : Tengu’s Disciple (DLC) – All 3 Hot Spring Locations (Spa Addict) Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock within Nioh 2: Tengu’s Disciple (DLC), one of which is Spa Addict

Spa Addict
 requires the player to of Bathed in every hot spring found in “The Tengu’s Disciple”.
Which isn’t too difficult to actually pull off considering there is only 3 Hot Springs that need to be found, not many right?
For the most part reaching and perhaps finding the Hot Springs isn’t too difficult, or at least shouldn’t be. However, there is one Hot Spring which does require a bit more work in order to actually get to, so be ready for that.

(Note: In order for the Hot Spring to count you will need to step into the water and relax in it, it will not count if you just walk up to it and say hello)

Anyway let us begin!


The mission we will need to be on is the A Song To Calm The Storm mission, so select that one and we can begin..

Starting from the second Save Shrine that you will come across in this mission, there are no Hot Springs to be found before reaching Save Shrine #2
From Save Shrine #2 head to the red drapes which are rather close by, run North through the drapes here (as seen in the above image)
At the wooden fence here, head right
After turning right at the wooden fence by the drapes, follow the path around in order to reach your first Hot Spring
Make sure to take a nice dip in the water in order for it to count


This time we will want to be on the Shadows Creep in Kurama mission, so head there. Once you are on that mission, you will then want to head to the second Save Shrine (Save Shrine #2)
Head through the door here
Climb the ladder here, you can also find one of the Kodama guys here too if you haven’t already.
At the tree path keep heading North, ignore the fork in the path. 
You will find the next Hot Spring after climbing down the next ladder


You will now want to be on the Eternal Rivals mission, so head there. Once you arrive on that mission, you will then want to head to the Second Save Shrine (Save Shrine #2)
From the Second Save Shrine, continue heading down the wooden pathways
Keep following the pathways down until you reach ground floor (as seen in the above images)
Head left once you arrive at the ground floor. Keep to the wall until you find a wall that looks like the one in the image above, it has eyeballs creepy..
Perform the Whistle gesture at this eyeball wall
The door will then vanish, poof! However, it will then reveal a room with a boss inside, have fun!
Deal with the boss as this next part is very important. You will want to search the dead body here (in the above image).
This dead body will then reveal the Hot Spring Chamber Key, which is a vital item that we need in order to progress.
We can now leave the room, head back to the wooden walkways once again (as seen in the above images) You may need to unlock a door here
Follow the lower path to reach yet another door. Here is where you can use the Hot Springs key that you just picked up


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