Nioh 2 : Tengu’s Disciple (DLC) – All 6 Kodama Locations (Shadows Creep In Kurama) Mission Guide

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Just like with the Nioh 2 base game, Nioh 2: Tengu’s Disciple (DLC) also comes with several different Kodama that you can find and collect.

Kodama are cute little green creatures that often hide but also give great company around the Shrine once you have collected them.

One location where you can find and collect these Kodamas is in the Shadows Creep in Kurama mission, this mission has a total of 6 different Kodama for you to find and collect

​This guide will show you where all 6 Kodama are hiding whilst in the Shadows Creep in Kurama mission


Starting from the Save Point Shrine #1 (as shown in the above image)

(NOTE: You can find Kodama #1 – Kodama #3 BEFORE reaching Save Point Shrine #2)
Head North from the Save Point Shrine #1 and then right when you come to the fork in the path
If you keep on following the path you will come to a small building (as seen in the above image).
Head inside the building here
Our first Kodama will be sitting by the rocks to the right exit of the building


Exit the building and head East
Keep following the path and head up some steps (as seen in the above image)
Head up the ladders here
Jump off the cliff here in order to find Kodama #2


Hop back down to lower ground and then continue the path on
Head over the bridge
Tango with a boss
After taking care of the latest boss, you can find your next best friend hiding in the corner


From the Save Point Shrine #2
Head left and out of the area
You can find Kodama #4 sitting by the ladders here


Head up the ladders from where Kodama #4 was found
Head right when you come to a fork in the tree path (as seen in the above image)
Then fall off at the path end
You can find Kodama #5 sitting on the ledge here


Head back to the fork in the tree path here and this time continue North
Try and align yourself so that you can land on the small tree path here. (I have tried to mark it in the above image)
If you managed to align yourself correctly then you should be able to land on the tree path here. Whilst on this path you should also be able to find our last remaining KodamaKodama #6


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