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Just like with the Nioh 2 base game, Nioh 2: Tengu’s Disciple (DLC) also comes with several different Kodama that you can find and collect.

Kodama are cute little green creatures that often hide but also give great company around the Shrine once you have collected them.

One location where you can find and collect these Kodamas is in the A Song To Calm The Storm mission, this mission has a total of 10 different Kodama for you to find and collect

​This guide will show you where all 10 Kodama are hiding whilst in the A Song To Calm The Storm mission


(Please keep in mind that Kodama #1 – Kodama #3 all reside AFTER Save Shrine 1 and BEFORE reaching Save Shrine 2)

Thus head to Save Shrine 1 as seen in the above and below images and let us begin!

Starting from the Shrine here (as shown in the above image), you will want to follow the path North East
Keep going until you see a small ladder and the first Kodama will be just next to it


This next one is a bit of a distance away, you will need to run through the various different abandoned and ruined boats.
Head through the rather large hole in the Ship here and climb up the stairs to reach the second floor
Head down the small ramp here and again bypass a ton of boats
You should be in a bit more of an open space area (as seen in the above image).
You should be able to find the next Kodama sitting behind the crates and boxes here


Head to the right of Kodama #2
Keep following the floor of crumbling ship and boat wrecks
When you realize you cannot go any further North, or when you meet up with the water you will hopefully find the next Kodama


Head across the fallen pillar that connects the ship that you should be on after collecting Kodama #3 and the one next to it. There will be a boss fight at the end of it, defeat it if you haven’t already done so
After dealing with the boss, you will find your next Save Shrine


(Please keep in mind that Kodama #4 – Kodama #6 all reside AFTER Save Shrine 2 and BEFORE reaching Save Shrine 3)

After visiting the second Save Shrine, head left at the next fork and towards the tree here
Just behind this said tree hidden amongst the grass is the next Kodama


Head through the red drapes here, this will take you to a Hotspring
So cute, sadly though these guys don’t count towards our collection. Shame, otherwise we would be at Kodama #7 by now.
Head North from the Hot Spring (IGNORE the next door and turn right)
Sitting amongst the rubble here is Kodama #5


Now you can head through the door here. BOSS FIGHT!
Continue on..
Just sitting by the next Save Shrine will be Kodama #6

(Please keep in mind that Kodama #7 – Kodama #10 all reside AFTER Save Shrine 3)


Head right and North out of the building from the Save Shrine 3
Head inside the white and brown building here. Then head up the ladders
You will find Kodama #7 sitting here admiring the fire and debris


Head down the stairs here, they are right next to where Kodama #7 was
Keep following the rather linear path until you reach a room that looks like the one in the above image, head through the hole in the wall

​NOTE: You will need to use a Gunpowder Bomb in order to blow a hole in the wall here
You should be able to find Kodama #8 sitting behind the treasure chest here


From Kodama #8 head back into the linear hallways that you just went through, this time go through the open door way that you would of passed in order to get to where you just where
Keep following the path and then turn right (in order to get to where the above image shows)


Follow the path past the giant armored man here and head back outside once again
You will find the last remaining Kodama sitting down by the side of the stairs here


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