(POE2) Pillars Of Eternity II – Deadfire : Basic Provisions & Skeleton Crew (Side Quest) Guide

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I’ll need to stock my ship with supplies to critical to any extended voyages – ammunition, medicine, and repair materials


The Defiant 
is ready to head back out to sea, but much of its crew is either missing or dead after the storm. I’ll need to hire on more sailors to safely handle the dangers of the open sea.

NOTE: Both of these side quests trigger at the same time and they both trigger after you manage to fix the ship and are once again able to set sail.

QUEST NAME: Basic Provisions
QUEST LOCATION: Port Maje (Initially triggered)

Basic Provisions, though it is initially started in Port Maje you can complete it whenever you want and is something that is a main feature to the game, thus it plays more like a Tutorial rather than an actual side quest.

For this quest you will want to stock up on Ammunition, Medicine and Repair Materials. All of which can be found on the main map of any given location, whilst on the main map there will be a Supply option and this what you actually want, so remember it well as you journey through the game as you will need to refer to it again later. 

QUEST NAME: Skeleton Crew
QUEST LOCATION: Port Maje – Innitially Triggered

Again this one triggers initially at Port Maje and at the same time as Basic Provisions. Also, once again just like Basic Provisions it is more of a Tutorial rather than an actual Side Quest.

The earliest time you can complete this so called quest is at Port Maje and by speaking to the Barman at the Kraken’s EyeThoral.

When you speak to him you should now see the option I’d like to hire some crew members, this is the option you want and now you can start hiring. Remember this as you’ll more than likely need to refer to this again in the future.

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