(POE2) Pillars Of Eternity II – Deadfire : The Drunk Sailor (Side Quest) Guide

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Rum-Dumb Riggere, a sailor imprisoned in Port Maje’s jail, has offered to join my ship’s crew if I free him.

Free Rum-Dumb Riggere

QUEST NAME: The Drunk Sailor
QUEST LOCATION: Port Maje Prison
CLIENT: Rum-Dumb Riggere

Poor ol Run-Dumb Riggere has found himself in a bit of a predicament and now he is in jail because of it.
Now as the quest will let you know there are several ways to free poor Run-Dumb but for me at least I ended up being stuck with only being able to complete one of these said ways. As I ended up doing this after the Restoring Order side quest, Savia the Prison Guard wouldn’t budge from sitting by the cells and this made trying to steal the keys from her almost impossible.

However, the good thing here is that if you too managed to complete the Restoring Order side quest first then Savia will decide to lower the payment to 300 coins instead. Either way free Run-Dumb to complete this quest.

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