(POE2) Pillars Of Eternity II – Deadfire : Full Complement (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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The (POE2) Pillars of Eternity II – Deadfire Full Complement Trophy Achievement requires you to Assign a crew member to all slots on a single ship.

This one is actually a rather basic one to unlock and get and I did it whilst still in the starting area of Port Maje.
Though you probably won’t be able to unlock it until after you have managed to fix your boat and are able to set sail once again, so continue the story until you get to that point.

Once you have reached that point you can then head to the Kraken’s Eye and speak to Thorel the Barman.
Here you should be given the option to hire some crew for your ship, I decided to recruit everyone as most of them are free anyway and at this point my ship was quite empty and well it felt a bit lonely ha!

After recruiting everyone you will then want to go and complete the Drunk Sailor side quest. In order to trigger this one you will need to speak to the Sailor who is in the cell over at the Prison.
It is up to you how you complete his quest as long as you decide to recruit him and actually free him, though I’ll admit I did this after completing the Restoring Order side quest and after doing so Salvia wouldn’t move from the chairs by the cell and it made it impossible to use the stealth option to steal they keys from her, so if you also completed the Restoring Order quest first this may also apply to you too.
The good thing is that if you did complete that quest first then Salvia will lower the payment to 300 coins instead.

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