(POE2) Pillars Of Eternity II – Deadfire : The Better Man (Side Quest) Guide

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With a host of traders left stranded at Port Maje by the storm’s destruction, there are no vacancies at the local tavern. However, Thorel, the tavernkeeper, is willing to put me up – if I clear out one of the current occupants. 

QUEST NAME: The Better Man
QUEST LOCATION: The Kraken’s Eye / Port Maje
CLIENT: Thorel

Thorel the barman is having issues with an occupant and thus you will be tasked with going upstairs and sorting this person out, the person by the way is known as Galian and can be found in the large room at the end, you will be given a key in order to unlock it.
Inside deal with him however you like and then return back to Thorel in order to complete the quest.

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