(POE2) Pillars Of Eternity II – Deadfire : Restoring Order (Side Quest) Guide

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I’ve offered to help Savia by trying to convince Ilari, a gang leader, to help keep order on Gorecci Street in Port Maje.

QUEST NAME: Restoring Order
QUEST LOCATION: Port Maje Jail / Port Maje Harbor

Your task for this one is to find IIlari who is at Goreccia Street, in order to get to Goreccia Street you must leave the Harbor.
Illari can be found amongst his minions at the back of Goreccia and you can either try and convince him to go back to protecting Goreccia Street or kill him.
Killing him actually gives you the Cloak of Deflection which adds +4 Deflection and can be quite useful during the early segment of the game.

Either way once you have finished dealing with him, you can then return to Savia in order to complete the quest

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