(POE2) Pillars Of Eternity II – Deadfire : Burning Bridges (Side Quest) Guide

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Tensions are running high between the Huana tribe and the Vailian settlers of Port Maje in the wake of the storm.
One of the Vailians claims to have been violently accosted by a Huana warrior.

Find Mokeha

QUEST NAME: Burning Bridges
QUEST LOCATION: Rinco’s House / Port Maje

For this one you will need to speak to Rinco who will be in his bed over at his house. After speaking with him you will then want to head to the Kraken’s Eye and speak to the Barman Thorel who will offer more information on what exactly happened between Rinco and Mokeha. 
After speaking to him you can now leave this are altogether and head for Satahuzi where you will find Moheka.
Moheka will either be walking around or in her house depending on what the in-game time is, anyway speak to her and get her side of the argument and then you are free to decide on what course of action you take. 

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