(MHW) Monster Hunter World – How To Capture Monsters & Find Capture Ingredients (Tranq Bomb / Shock Trap) Guide

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As you continue your adventures through the world you will eventually find out about capturing these monsters.

Capturing monsters is actually quite a good thing within the world of (MHW) Monster Hunter World as they can then unlock several different quests. You will also get more rewards than you normally would if you just chose to defeat them. On top of that some quests even require you to capture them too.

So all in all it is a necessary procedure, however in order to be able to capture them you will need some vital ingredients which will include Shock Traps and Tranquilliser Tranq Bombs, of which you will need to either find or craft as the shop will not sell them, maybe at later levels they will but you will most likely need to learn to capture these creatures way before then..

Thus below is a simple guide on how to obtain these much needed ingredients and how to actually capture a monster, get to it hunter!

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