(MHW) Monster Hunter World – How To Get All Palico Cat Abilities (Plunderblade / Choral Orchestra) Guide

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As you continue your adventures through the world of (MHW) Monster Hunter World you will inevitably learn about your wonderful companion the Palico cat, which lets be honest is the best thing about the game.

As it is a wonderful companion and one in which can actually become quite a useful one at that, you will need to equip them with better equipment such as the Plunderblade, Choral Orchestra and so on..
These are quite handy to have in battle too as they can heal you, stun the enemies and more..

Thus how exactly can one get these much needed Palico gear and equipment? Well hopefully the guide below will let you in on that one..

00:00 – 5:12 : Ancient Forest Quest (Flashfly Cage)
5:12 – 12:58 : Wildspire Waste Quest (Shieldspire)
12:58 – 20:00 : Rotten Vale Quest (Plunderblade)
20:00 – 27:08 : Coral Highlands Quest (Coral Orchestra)
27:08 – : Elder Recess Quest (Meowlotov Cocktail)

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