(MHW) Monster Hunter World – Iceborne : Friendly Pointer (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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The Friendly Pointer trophy achievement requires you to capture a strange looking creature, with a name that is referenced to due to its weird shaded head. 

As you can probably tell it kind of looks like a Stingray with legs. Again as with most of the creatures you have to capture, it can be a rare sighting.

​However, there is an easy method to capturing this one and below we have a guide on how to do so..

FRIENDLY POINTER – Capture an Arrowhead Gekko

LOCATION: Rotten Vale. Area #10

Okay you will be looking to capture a blue Arrowhead Gekko, now these things love Fruit. So what better way than to try and capture it is by hunting down Fruit in the area.
The easiest method to do this is to head to the Handler and activate an Event quest called The Lord Of The Underworld Beckons.
Now hopefully this quest will be available to you, if not you can always just keep trying to hunt down the Fruit and hopefully it spawns at one of them, if not the same one. 

I instantly found the little critter by doing this simple method but as it is an Event quest it could unfortunately not be available at all times, thus it really is just pot luck. Also, in case you are wondering it will appear on the Master Rank section of the Quests. Which makes sense considering it a trophy achievement for Iceborne.

​From there you will want to head for area #10, it will be up a small platform and in the corner of the area near a place you can crawl under. 

(Please note that this guide was originally created back when Iceborne had only just been released. This event was limited at that time. However, it may of returned and thus decided to include this guide again just in case)

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