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Getting tired and fed up of trying to catch those pesky creatures and they just wont show up? I mean there is quite a few of them if you are chasing down those trophies and achievements.

However, there is an easier way of going about it, though please note that it does not guarantee that they will show up, I mean I have had the skill active several times now and still had zero luck in capturing the creatures.
Also, to get the skill to spawn you NEED to use a Voucher which if you have been playing the game for as long as I have you will probably have enough of them by now anyway. Using a Voucher when eating at the Canteen guarantees that the specific Skill will activate. 

Okay lets get to it shall we?

So what exactly is the Zoomaster Skill? Well it according to the description is said to increase the chances of epidemic life spawning. So any rare creatures have a higher chance of showing up basically.

​Now there is a few steps you need to do in order to obtain it.


The Chef cook in Seliana will have several quests in order for you to complete, do those to increase your ingredients stock.
There is about 3-4 in total. 


Now the rest of the quest will involve Hoarfrost Reach. However, keep in mind you don’t want to just jump to the location like an idiot.
You need to make sure the area passes the check, as in the image above it needs to read Flourishing Butterbur, going when it says that will mean that the plants we want will spawn.
If it does not say that then head to another location and keep checking, the loading times will hopefully spawn new description for the locations.

When it reads Butterbur then you can go to the Reach. From there again go to the location in the above image. Near there you will see an area that looks like this.
You should be able to see little bugs that you can jump and swing to and from, there are several of them and you need to get as high as possible and jump onto a higher area. There will probably be some kitties in this next area too.

Now at the end of the path there will be several walls you need to climb and jump from, it can be tricky but keep at it. 
Get to the very top and you should see yet another bug that you can grapple onto, do so to reach the next platform.
Now on this next platform will occasionally be a gush of wind coming up from the ground, you want to wait for this to happen and then ride it to the platform above.
On this next platform is where you want to be, the Butterbut plants reside here and are necessary ingredients for the Zoomaster skill.


Now in the same area (Hoarfrost Reach), you will find your last remaining ingredient. However, this plant will only spawn when the location turns from Flourishing Butterbur to Frozen Foliage, when it does head to the location in the above picture which should be a camp site

Now follow the path from here down and to the right, keep an eye on the left side for a small hole that you can climb through.
It is in here where the last ingredient hides, check all of the trees of which there should be quite a few. Then return and cook that Felyne Zoomaster dish to in hopefully capture those elusive creatures! Good luck!

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