(MHW) Monster Hunter World : Iceborne – Master Explorer (All Camp Locations) Hoarfrost Reach Trophy Achievement Guide

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The campsites in Monster Hunter World are such an important part of the game, I mean you can rest there, eat there, pet your Palico and all kinds of things.
However, they can be elusive and with no real idea as to where they are they can also be somewhat of a pain to hunt down. Don’t worry though we have you covered!

There are around four camps in total, two of which are an easy find. 

The first one which can be got early in the story can be found on the map in the above image. Once here keep an eye on the walls for a small gap that you can squeeze through, going through here you will find the first camp.
This one can only be got after dealing with the Shrieking Legiana story quest. Once you have done with the old Metal Gear sounding flying beast you can then go to the location on the map in the above picture.
Again you will want to search for a gap in the wall that you can climb through, once you have done so follow the path to the next camp area.

​Now we have successfully found the two camp spots but there is still two more remaining, your next task is to head for any of the Research areas in town.
Here you will see that you need to complete quests in order to obtain specific items. I got the items from doing Master Rank quests of both of the creatures. The quests where called Beating Around The Bush and Special Arena MR Azure Rathalos but as long as you keep doing quests involving Tobi Kadachi and Azure Rathalos on the Master Rank difficulty then the items should drop at some point.

After you have the items turn in the quests to the Research team in order to get the trophy achievement

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