(TWEWY) NEO – The World Ends With You: All Music Locations (No Music, No Life) Guide

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One of the many different collectibles within NEO: The World Ends With You is the music CDs, collecting them all will unlock the No Music, No Life trophy achievement.

There is a total of 51 music CDs for you to find and collect, all of which has been composed by the amazing and talented Takeharu Ishimoto

Anyway below is a list of music CDs and where to find them…




Wander Around Shibuya
N/A Automatic – Prologue

The Beginning Of A Happy Life
3 ¥1000 Tower Records – Shibuya Bold synth lines and pronounced bass slaps will
keep you on-beat as you step out into a new day

4 ¥1000 Tower Records – Shibuya If you aren’t careful, the funky flow of this
knock-out track may sweep you away

Kill The Itch
6 ¥1000 Tower Records – Shibuya A proper rock jam, this song will
swing its way into your head as you plough through life’s adversities

Bird In The Hand
7 ¥1000 Tower Records – Shibuya Conflicting vocals never quite find common ground in this deceptively simply number

8 ¥1000 Tower Records – Shibuya Just listening to these synth beats makes you feel like you can uncover all of the city’s secrets

11 ¥1000 Tower Records – Shibuya Who needs harmony, anyway? Break free from the confines of musical standards with this unpredictable jam

Breaking Free
12 ¥1000 Tower Records – Shibuya The melodious vocals of this rock number give just the push you need to break through all obstacles standing in your way

13 ¥1000 Tower Records – Shibuya Never look back. These intense acoustic beats will carry you forward into a shining new era

18 ¥1000 Tower Records – Shibuya Nothing lasts in this world, but this song makes you feel like there’s something you’ve missed lurking just our of sight

23 ¥1000 Tower Records – Shibuya Apprehension. Fear. Dread. Your hair stands on end as you listen to this capriccio of horrors to come

Death Throes
24 ¥1000 Tower Records – Shibuya Danger draws ever nearer. Will you preserve? Or will you succumb to the perils that await?

A Tranquil Mind
25 ¥1000 Tower Records – Shibuya Relax. Take a deep breath. Let the aria soothe you and clear your troubled mind.

Act The Fool
26 ¥1000 Tower Records – Shibuya You’ve got a funny feeling. Something’s coming, and you’ve got a hunch about what it is

Peaceful Day
28 ¥1000 Tower Records – Shibuya When you hear this chipper number, you know the day is won. Time to kick back and enjoy some hard-earned down time

27 ¥1000 Tower Records – Shibuya
(Available Week 2 Day 2)
You’ve got a lock on your prey. Now is the time to strike while your anticipation is heightened by this toccata

Take Away
29 ¥1000 Tower Records – Shibuya
(Available Week 2 Day 2)
You just can’t resist that smile, can you? You know the one. Don’t forget to top up ShibuPay before you go

17 ¥1000 Tower Records – Shibuya
(Available Week 2 Day 3)
Quick, ambient beats summon forth the unexpected with pleasant, straight-shooting vocals



(Udagawa Backstreets)


32 ¥1200 CyCo RecordsCrank up the volume, ’cause this genre-defying piece is best enjoyed loud

33 ¥1200 CyCo Records Crank up the volume, ’cause this genre-defying piece is best enjoyed loud

Someday (Neo Mix)
35 ¥1200 CyCo Records This one’s a classic! The tried-and-true hard rock tune really gets you pumped up

Ooparts-JP (NEO Mix)
36 ¥1200 CyCo Records Dissonance defines this timeless tune for every generation, with conflicting genres representing clashing viewpoints

Make or Break (NEO Mix)
40 ¥1200 CyCo Records You’ll be singing along with this synth-and-drum number in no time. It’s just too catchy to resist

The One Star (NEO Mix)
39 ¥1200 CyCo Records A solid jam with a nifty guitar riff. You’ll want to put on some nice headphones for this one

March On (NEO Mix)
38 ¥1200 CyCo Records Hot-and-Cold vocals over dystopian shouts set this pop bop apart from the crowd

Three Minutes Clapping (NEO Mix)
37 ¥1200 CyCo Records A funky beat and cheering crowds make this jam the perfect pick-me-up when you need some encouragement before ripping through Noise

Jump Over Yourself (NEO Mix)
45 ¥1200 CyCo Records An unforgettable intro gives way to feelings of restraint and uncertainty. But never fear. The answers are waiting for you to look back to them

Transformation (NEO Mix)
49 ¥1200 CyCo Records When there’s no telling what will unfold, a dramatic orchestral arrangement gives you the courage to roll the dice.


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