The Great Ace Attorney Adventures / Chronicles – Trail Part 2 Vs Auchi (The Great Departure) Walkthrough

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In our The Great Ace Attorney Adventures, which is now part of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, walkthrough we will be trying to include all of the correct evidence, including examining potential missable objects and items, advising on what subjects to press on and basically trying to help guide you through the game whilst getting the most out of it

This particular page focuses on the Trail Part 2 – Vs Auchi, which takes place during November 22nd, 12:09pm of Episode One – The Great Departure

  • MAIN STORY CHAPTER: The Great Departure
  • DATE: November 22nd, 12:09pm
  • RIVAL: Auchi
  • PREVIOUS: Trail Part 1
  • NEXT: Trail Part 3
  • The second part of the trail against Auchi allows us to now get information from the gentlewoman, Jezaille Brett
  • After the whole language barrier is resolved you will now be given the witness testimony, A Frightening and Sorrowful Sight
  • We will now be able to cross-examine the witness, the statement of interest is ‘Statement 2 – The professor was unable to eat, so I ordered for myself only. A beef steak
  • Choose to press her statement in order to get more out of her
  • You will now find out that Jezaille Brett was aware of the victim’s dental surgery and that the victim was allowed to drink carbonated water
  • You will now be asked your thoughts on this carbonated water statement
  • Choose the ‘It’s very meaningful‘ option. This whole carbonated water is news to us and could provide vital evidence
  • You will now get the chance to listen to her statement yet again, this time the statement you want to pick out is ‘Statement 2 – I ordered a beef stake for myself, and the professor and I said ‘cheers’ over a glass of carbonated water
  • To which you will then want to present the Crime Scene Photograph as evidence. Remember Jezaille Brett said that both her and the victim had a glass of carbonated water, but in this photo there is only the one glass. Where is the other glass? hmmm…
  • Unfortunately Jezaille Brett will then explain what happened to the other ‘missing’ glass and that she took it out of fear.
  • Kazuma will then ask Ryunosuke if he wants to press matters further
  • Here choose the The handbag option, it would seem that Brett did have some hiding places after all, despite saying earlier that she did not
  • We will now get Photograph of Handbag added as evidence
  • As things start to look a bit gloomy for the team, Ryunosuke then decides to jump in and claims that this new photograph has issues and something seems out of place.
  • The answer to this one sits on the victim’s arm. It is a tattoo perhaps, one that resembles a bull of some kind
  • It turns out that this ‘tattoo’ is in actual fact a burn, but how did he get it? where did it come from?
  • Ryunosuke will want to delve deeper into this ‘burn’, since it is not every day you come across one
  • The evidence you are looking for here is the Crime Scene Photograph. If you examine it more closely you will see the exact same symbol that has been burnt onto the victim’s hand, on the plate of food.
  • The team will then wonder why the victim never screamed if he was burned by the plate, something certainly seems strange here..
  • Anyway there can only be one possible answer to this one and that is.. Was already deceased. Even being asleep you would feel the burn and being a painful one you will obviously know about it too, it is engraved into the victim’s skin
  • We will now get another witness testimony, The Victim’s ‘Death’
  • It will now be time to cross-examine the witness’s statement once again.
  • The key statement this time is ‘Statement 5 – But of course… this country’s inferior investigative techniques probably wouldn’t pick up on it anyway
  • She is practically calling the detective agency a terrible bunch, whilst standing right next to a detective. Ouch! though to be fair he is a rather shady one…
  • Anyway proceed to press for more information on this particular statement
  • With Brett calling the detective agency flawed, Hosonaga will give out a rather shady cough. Though he seems to be doing that a lot during the court case, this time it seems suspiciously well timed.
  • You will now want to scroll back to ‘Statement 5 – But of course… this country’s inferior investigative techniques probably wouldn’t pick up on it anyway
  • Then once again press further on this statement to see if Hosonaga will perform a ‘shady cough’ once again
  • The game will now teach you how to talk to other people on the stand and switch between them, instead of being stuck on talking to a single individual. (This can be done by pressing either the A or D key – PC)
  • So when you see Hosonaga coughing this time around switch to him (A or D key – PC) and then hit the Space key (PC)
  • It would seem that Hosonaga either coughs when he is nervous or because Brett triggered him, as in his words ‘I Satoru Hosonaga! Always strive to make every investigation I’m involved in flawless!. Could just be both, I suppose.
  • We will now get Carbonated Water Bottle as new evidence
  • Brett will then give another statement in which we will need to pick key words from, this time it is Statement 4 – If there’s some other way a man’s life can be (the game has a spelling issue here, as it says ‘been’ instead of ‘be’) taken without leaving a trace, please, do show me.
  • Here you will want to examine the Carbonated Water Bottle
  • Examine the label on the bottle to find out that the bottle is from France
  • Then present it to the court as evidence, perhaps this bottle was used as a poison?
  • This is then ruled out because detective Hosonaga apparently examined the bottle prior to the court case and did not find any poison substance, so close. I thought we had her!
  • Susato Mikotoba will then appear with a small package, this will then end this section of the trail…


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