(TWEWY) NEO: The World Ends With You – All Skull Locations (Hachiko – Scramble Crossing) Guide

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As you continue through (TWEWY) NEO: The World Ends With You, you will inevitably come across a section that requires you to head to Hachiko.

This occurs during Day 1 in Scramble Crossing, you will come across many different challenges and tasks that you will need to complete before being able to progress through the story. This is one of those times.

This tasks requires you to find 4 skull locations, a guide for which can be found below…

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Head to Hachiko
  • LOCATION: Scramble Crossing
  • DAY: Day 1
  • GUIDE:
  • On Day 1 you will be tasked with heading to Hachiko, this will force us to speak to a guy in a red hoodie.
  • In order to progress with the game we will now be given a diagram of the location in which we are currently in, Scramble Crossing.
  • This diagram will be labelled A,B,C and D and each letter represents a coloured skull, the only problem is that we need to now find these skulls so that we can identify and match the colours with the letters.
  • Okay lets begin the search….
  • The first skull that we need to find will represent the letter A
  • Head North from your current location, towards the spiked barrier.
  • The first skull will actually be sitting on this spiked barrier
  • The letter A now represents the colour yellow, since the skull we found is a yellow skull
  • It is now time to find the letter B‘s skull
  • Head right from letter A in order to find this one at the intersection
  • The skull is on the large television on top of the nearby building
  • As you can see this skull is blue and so the letter B represents the colour blue
  • Now finding the letter C’s skull is a little bit more trickier. However, you can find it near the red hooded guy that gave you this task to begin with. It should be South of your current location
  • Once here look for a guy who is standing slumped by the traffic lights
  • Hmm, there doesn’t seem to be any skulls here. At least its not immediately noticeable anyway.
  • Press and hold the R1 button (Playstation) in order to scan the area
  • You should now get a speech bubble above the man by the traffic lights (Arm Art), go ahead and speak to him
  • He will mention that he has a tattoo of a purple skull
  • This marks the letter C as a purple skull
  • You can now find the final skull and the letter D on the nearby manhole cover
  • Scan the manhole cover (R1 – Playstation) in order to trigger a fight
  • After dealing with the noise the manhole cover will now reveal a red skull. The letter D now represents the colour red.
  • We should have now successfully found all four skulls
  • Return back to the guy in the red hoodie (Reaper) in order to complete the puzzle


  • Find the four skulls hidden in the crossing
  • Talk to the Reaper at Hachiko and solve the skull puzzle
  • Find the skull in spot A
  • Find the skull in spot B
  • Find the skull in spot C
  • Find the skull in spot D


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