The Great Ace Attorney Adventures / Chronicles – Trail Part 3 Vs Auchi (The Great Departure) Walkthrough

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In our The Great Ace Attorney Adventures, which is now part of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, walkthrough we will be trying to include all of the correct evidence, including examining potential missable objects and items, advising on what subjects to press on and basically trying to help guide you through the game whilst getting the most out of it

This particular page focuses on the Trail Part 3 – Vs Auchi, which takes place during November 22nd, 1:14pm of Episode One – The Great Departure

  • MAIN STORY CHAPTER: The Great Departure
  • DATE: November 22nd, 1:14pm
  • RIVAL: Auchi
  • PREVIOUS: Trail Part 2
  • NEXT: Case 2 – The Unbreakable Speckle Band
  • Trail Part 2 left us on a bit of a cliffhanger with Susato Mikotoba appearing with a small package, just what exactly is she holding? Also, why did she even show up? unexpectedly too hmm..
  • Turns out Susato was holding key evidence, we will now receive the Jezaille’s Report
  • With this new evidence, we have been given a new lifeline and thus we can now continue..
  • The Judge will now ask about the new evidence
  • This should be an easy one as we have just been given it. However, for those who may of just been sleeping through everything, the evidence the Judge wants is Jezaille’s Report
  • We will now learn of a poison known as curare, which is deadly and causes instant death. It is also one that does not exist in Japan, the worry is that Jezaille Brett has been doing research on it
  • Jezaille Brett will then attempt to drink from the bottle in order to prove that it was never tampered with, of which she ends up being fine and our attempts to win the case are once again in vain
  • We will now be asked about the poison and our thoughts on the bottle having been tampered with..
  • Considering that Miss Brett drank from it and lived to tell the tale, makes this one quite difficult to think and act on
  • However, I would recommend listening to your team here, something doesn’t seem right.
  • So select the Contains poison option, I mean why is she even researching poison to begin with?
  • The Judge will now demand a reason as to why we think the bottle contained poison, and what evidence do we have to prove our theory
  • For this one you will want to select the Jezaille’s Report option, the reason being is because she was working with poison and the whole curare is a massive key point for us in this case.
  • We will then be asked what part of the report reveals our theory on this whole topic so far, I have already mentioned this above. The whole report is one big answer to all of this, the whole curare research is very suspicious and we need to dig deeper
  • So answer the following question with Special Characteristics
  • We will now learn that hunters use this kind of poison for dealing with their prey. Ryunosuke will then summarize that this would make no sense, as it would then mean the hunters are eating poison hmm..
  • To back this up though, it also means that the poison has no effect if eaten and only poses as a potential problem when met with open wounds, this would make sense. However, the victim had no noticeable wounds, so I guess we are clutching at straws here once again
  • If you have been keeping up with everything so far you should know what evidence we need to bring out next.
  • The evidence being, of course, the Medical Report Card
  • The reason being is because the victim had dental surgery and thus he currently had a wound inside his mouth
  • Miss Brett then smashes the bottle in an attempt to cover up the evidence and remain as a potential non-guilty suspect. This to me, just now, screams guilty. I mean she just smashed the evidence… Still we need to find a way to prove this to the court
  • The next part is easy as the game even shows us more clues, this time being blood
  • Select the ‘There’s a clue‘ option
  • Then select the blood in the picture to prove there is a clue
  • Hosonaga will then bring out the plate that the victim was eating from, the team will then notice that there is no blood. Can Ryunosuke be misremembering? Maybe there was no blood there to begin with? Or perhaps he got a bit hungry with all of this food talk and was thinking that the dish would look much better with some tomato sauce..
  • We will now get the plate of steak added as new evidence
  • Ryunosuke will then suggest that examining the dinner might be a good idea…
  • Choose the ‘There’s another clue’ option
  • We will now get to examine the steak, feel free to scan it yourself for anything that may seem out of place.
  • However, the key and actual evidence lays under the steak itself.
  • So hover over the steak and hit the Space key (PC). This will turn the steak over and reveal a golden coin? Are we playing Super Mario now? How did this get here?
  • We will now find out that this actual coin is known as a koban..
  • We will then be tasked with trying to remember who was talking about a koban earlier..
  • The answer to which is Kyurio Korekuta
  • Both Nosa and Korekuta will now join us for the rest of the case.
  • Ryunosuke will then want to identify the culprit that stole the koban coin and placed it under the steak to begin with
  • The answer and the culprit to this is Iyesa Nosa
  • The reason for this is because earlier when Korekuta was mentioning his coin, Nosa kept looking away as if trying to hide something. It was certainly convincing enough anyway
  • As the case comes to a close, or at least tries to, Miss Brett will then say something that Ryunosuke finds contradicting.
  • Choose the Plate of Steak
  • Turns out that this particular dish was eaten without cutlery because of the teeth marks, which is why Miss Brett is contradicting herself. She admits to only using cutlery when eating, so I guess this dish does not belong to her after all.
  • If this dish does not belong to Miss Brett, then who does it belong to?
  • Ryunosuke will now insist that there is some vital evidence that has not yet been submitted. However, he also insists that someone in this very courtroom has this particular bit of evidence
  • This person is Satoru Hosonaga
  • After all he is the waiter and he may know more about the mysterious plate and why Miss Brett may of been surprised at the whole koban coin reveal
  • We will now learn that the dishes were indeed switched and that this particular one belonged to Nosa.
  • After that we will get the rest of the picture as to what happened during the crime scene and find out the real culprit


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