The Great Ace Attorney Adventures / Chronicles – Case 2: Unbreakable Speckled Band (1/3) Walkthrough

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In our The Great Ace Attorney Adventures, which is now part of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, walkthrough we will be trying to include all of the correct evidence, including examining potential missable objects and items, advising on what subjects to press on and basically trying to help guide you through the game whilst getting the most out of it

This particular page focuses on the Case 2: Unbreakable Speckled Band (1/3)

  • MAIN STORY CHAPTER: The Unbreakable Speckled Band
  • PREVIOUS: Trail Part 3
  • NEXT: Case 2 – The Unbreakable Speckle Band (2/3)
  • After the introduction cinematic we will find ourselves on the Steamship Burya, in chains and what is worse our fellow crewmates all think we committed a murder. Not just a simple murder but the death of our friend, Kazuma.
  • Susato will be accompanying us for the time being as we try to unravel this next mystery…
  • However, as the conversation continues we will be forced to prove to Susato that we are the not the guilty party here
  • Here select the Paper Seal as evidence
  • After more dialogue in which Susato still doesn’t trust us, we will now be able to investigate the room for any potential clues.
  • Start your search by speaking to the Sailor by the door. However, due to being convinced of your guilt to murder he will not give out anything useful
  • The game will also teach you about navigating the room using both the B and M keys (PC)
  • There are many things in this room that you can inspect, including; Kazuma’s Sword, dinner plate, white banner on the wall, mark on the floor, writing on the floor, travelling case, writing desk, red picture frame, shelf, ventilator, bell cord, cupboard
  • After examining everything the game will cut to a strange man on top of the desk, hmm..
  • Lets speak to him and find out just who he is and what exactly he is doing on the desk
  • You will now find out that this man is known as Herlock Sholmes (I’m just going to call him Sherlock, either that or Sholmes ha! One of my personal favourite fictional characters and the sole reason I ended up purchasing this game)
  • Anyway you will also discover that Sherlock Sholmes is a detective and the reason for him being on the desk is all because he was inspecting something, hmm..
  • When the game prompts you, continue talking to Sherlock in order to get some valuable information from him.
  • After exhausting all of the optional dialogue we will get the Crime Scene Photograph, Article About Revolutionary and Kazuma’s Diary all added to the Court Record
  • Once Sherlock Sholmes leaves the room, be sure to then speak to the Sailor by the door. We need to escape the room now and inspect the hallway but we can’t do that unless he moves
  • Sadly the Sailor refuses to cooperate. So inspect the door instead, here we will learn about the lock used on the door
  • You will now notice that another sailor has entered the room, though this one looks rather suspicious
  • When you try to talk to him, you will now realise that this is in fact Detective Hosonaga. Hosonaga is apparently working undercover
  • Converse with Hosonaga in order to get some more information out of him and to learn that he was ordered to become Kazuma’s bodyguard.
  • We now need to convince Hosonaga to go and speak to the captain and let us out of the room so that we can investigate other rooms.
  • So choose to present Hosonaga with Kazuma’s Diary
  • After more dialogue, choose the Move option and head to the First-Class Passageway
  • Whilst out here you will want to talk to the grumpy sailor who is sat by the door, we will learn that his name is actually Bif Strogenov
  • If you continue to talk to him, you will also learn that the room next door is currently being occupied by a man named Mr Grimesby Roylott
  • Okay with all of the dialogue options successfully dealt with we can now begin inspecting the area. Select the Examine option
  • There are a few things we can now look at including; the door leading to second-class, blue log book, picture of the SS Burya, emergency alarm, Kazuma’s cabin door, rat trap on the floor, Mr Grimesby’s cabin door
  • We will now enter the room of Mr Grimesby
  • When you get the chance be sure to examine the Article About Revolutionary and more importantly the back of this article, here you will see a picture of Russian ballerina Nikolina Pavlova. We will now get the Article About Ballerina
  • After this choose to Examine the area and speak to Sherlock Sholmes, who is currently sitting inside the cupboard. Sholmes will then waste no time in trying to pin Mr Grimesby for committing crime
  • Sherlock Sholmes will then begin his ‘The Great Deduction‘ segment in which he talks about how he managed to reach the conclusion regarding Mr Grimesby and him being a possible crime suspect
  • After more dialogue we will then start the ‘Course Correction‘ segment which requires us to help out and correct any ‘mistakes’ that Sherlock has perhaps made.
  • The first one that we need to help fix is Topic 1: Old Man’s Identity
  • The clue here is that Mr Grimesby is wearing a wig.
  • If you turn the camera around you will notice that his hair is actually long and blonde hmm.. Golden Locks
  • The second clue to their identity resides in the article we just examined. Article About Ballerina, remember the article did show a blonde person, a blonde ballerina to be more precise.
  • Mr Grimesby will now reveal his or rather her true identity, that she is indeed the run away ballerina, Nikolina Pavlova
  • Topic 1: Old Man’s Identity – A revolutionary on the run will now change to Topic 1: Old Man’s Identity – A ballerina on the run
  • Now we can move on to Topic 2: Wrongdoing – Kidnapping of a young ballerina
  • Here we will need to find out what Nikolina Pavlova was looking at and we will be able to examine the nearby desk
  • The object which you want to find here is the tiara
  • The other clue that you need is the red framed photo (Rules of Passage). Which reads that passengers are not allowed weapons, dangerous objects or pets aboard the ship
  • Topic 2: Wrongdoing – Kidnapping of a young ballerina will now change to Topic 2: Wrongdoing – Possession of a prohibited animal
  • When you are prompted to, go ahead and speak (Converse) with Pavlova to find out more about the events of last night and about her ‘friend’
  • When you ask about her ‘friend’ we will be prompted to try and convince her to trust us, we will need evidence for this and thankfully we have it
  • Show her Kazuma’s Diary
  • Eventually Strogenov will come barging through the door and demand us to leave
  • This will conclude the first part of this case


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