(TWEWY) NEO: The World Ends With You – Good Noise Hunting (Side Quest) Guide

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Good Noise Hunting is one of the many available side quests that you can find and complete within (TWEWY) NEO: The World Ends With You

It involves dealing with Noise!

  • QUEST NAME: Good Noise Hunting
  • STORY CHAPTER: Week 1 Day 5
  • LOCATION: Spain Hill
  • REWARDS: 1,000 Yen, Yusei Iseya (Social Network)
  • SOCIAL NETWORK ABILITY: Up-and-Over – Press the X Button to jump over certain walls and fences
  • NOTE: This side quest recommends you to be level 19 or higher
  • Continue through the story a bit in order to unlock this area
  • From there, head to Spain Hill and then up the stairs to the right.
  • Up here you will find a boy standing with his arms around his head, if you try to speak to him you will notice that he has been possessed by the Noise
  • Use Nagi’s ability in order to Dive into the boy’s mind, this will result in having to fight 3 waves of enemies.
  • You will be fighting Mosh Grizzly and Swing Sharks (weak to Fire and Electricity)
  • The first wave is simple enough. However both the second and final wave of enemies can be a bit of problem, as these fights seem to take the longest and feature the more tougher enemies
  • After the fight the side quest will then end


  • Help the boy
  • Someone could use our help on Spain Hill
  • Erase the noise possessing the boy


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