(TWEWY) NEO: The World Ends With You – Fangirl In Crisis (Side Quest) Guide

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Fangirl In Crisis is one of the many available side quests that you can find and complete within (TWEWY) NEO: The World Ends With You

It involves trying to settle an indecisive fangirl

  • QUEST NAME: Fangirl in Crisis
  • STORY CHAPTER: Week 1 Day 5
  • LOCATION: Scramble Crossing
  • REWARDS: Rare Metal, x5 Friendship Points, Yuika Kaga (Social Network)
  • SOCIAL NETWORK ABILITY: Garage Sale – Adds an option to sell all your dupe pins at once in shops or via the Pins menu
  • Head to Scramble Crossing in order to find a fan of Elegant Strategy, the game which Nagi keeps harping on about.
  • Nagi will get rather curious about this new fan and long story short, we will now need to use Fret’s ability in order to read her mind.
  • In doing so you will now learn that a new chapter for the game has been released. However, this fan is currently behind and thus is in a bit of a pickle. You will now get the keyword New Characters
  • Nagi, being a fellow fan of the game, will know her pain and wants to help her out by imprinting her mind. We will now get the next keyword, Cherish and Abandon
  • Proceed to imprint this fan’s mind
  • The words you are looking for are; New Characters and Cherish
  • After successfully imprinting their mind the side quest will then end


  • Help the high schooler
  • Someone could use our help at the Scramble Crossing
  • Scan to listen in on the high schooler’s thoughts
  • Imprint the high schooler with some advice


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