The Great Ace Attorney Adventures / Chronicles – Case 2: Unbreakable Speckled Band (2/3) Walkthrough

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In our The Great Ace Attorney Adventures, which is now part of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, walkthrough we will be trying to include all of the correct evidence, including examining potential missable objects and items, advising on what subjects to press on and basically trying to help guide you through the game whilst getting the most out of it

This particular page focuses on the Case 2: Unbreakable Speckled Band (2/3)

  • MAIN STORY CHAPTER: The Unbreakable Speckled Band
  • PREVIOUS: Case 2 – The Unbreakable Speckle Band (1/3)
  • NEXT: Case 2 – The Unbreakable Speckle Band (3/3)
  • After being thrown out of Pavlova’s cabin, we now find ourselves back in the hallway once again
  • There isn’t much to do here so head to Kazuma’s cabin
  • In here go ahead and speak to Hosonaga, who has obviously seen better days.
  • We will now receive the Post-Mortem Report and Mark on Floor added to the Court Record
  • After you are done speaking to Hosonaga return back to the hallway once again
  • You will now be informed that Strogenov has stopped guarding Pavlova’s cabin, it is also rather noticeable too
  • However, before we can go back inside her room, you will notice that someone is singing nearby
  • If you examine the area you should notice Sherlock Sholmes standing by the ship’s log book
  • We will now obtain the Ship’s Log
  • Once the dialogue ends we now want to move to Pavlova’s cabin
  • We can now once again investigate the room, there are a few things of interest here including; bell cord, cupboard, ventilator, cabin door, shelf, red framed photo, empty case
  • Once you examine the empty case the game will cut to the ship performing an emergency stop and this part will then come to a close, short and simple…


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