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In our The Great Ace Attorney Adventures, which is now part of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, walkthrough we will be trying to include all of the correct evidence, including examining potential missable objects and items, advising on what subjects to press on and basically trying to help guide you through the game whilst getting the most out of it

This particular page focuses on the Case 2: Unbreakable Speckled Band (3/3)

  • MAIN STORY CHAPTER: The Unbreakable Speckled Band
  • PREVIOUS: Case 2 – The Unbreakable Speckle Band (2/3)
  • NEXT: Case 3 – The Runaway Room (1/3)
  • We will now be fact to face with a very unhappy Strogenov, who obviously isn’t happy to see us in Pavlova’s cabin
  • After being yelled at we will then be free to move on, at this point you will want to examine the area
  • If you move the camera to the left you will notice Sherlock Sholmes clinging to the wall for some reason..
  • Once the dialogue ends we will get our second ‘The Great Deduction’ segment, in which Sherlock Sholmes will tell everyone about his latest findings regarding both Pavlova and her new snake friend
  • As usual Susato will question Sherlock about his deductions, implying that snakes do not drink milk and they do not have ears in order to be able to hear, meaning that there are complications with his theory.
  • Due to these complications it will now be time for yet another ‘Course Correction’, it is up to us to correct Sherlock’s theories and get to the bottom of this case!
  • First up will be Topic 1: Intruder’s Identity – A beloved speckled snake
  • Here you will want to scan Pavlova’s hand in order to find claw scratches
  • We will then need to determine where these claw scratches came from
  • The evidence sits on the table (Photograph Frame)
  • Here select the adorable cat in the photo
  • However, things are still not fully clear. The suspect mentioned something being speckled in colour and Darka is not speckled so what could they of possibly meant?
  • The answer to this is hiding behind Pavlova’s back
  • On closer inspection you will notice that it is a cat’s toy
  • We will now receive the Pavlova & Darka Photograph
  • Topic 1: Intruder’s Identity – A beloved speckled snake will now change to Topic 1: Intruder’s Identity – A beloved kitten
  • Next up is Topic 2: How Mr Asogi Died – Death by a venomous snake’s bite
  • Since Kazuma was not poisoned that means that the death could not of been caused by a venomous snake bite, so we need to find out the actual cause of death.
  • The answer to this lays within the Post-Mortem Report
  • The report mentions that the cause of death was a broken neck and damage to the cervical vertebrae
  • We now need to figure out how Kazuma’s neck was broken
  • The evidence to this one can be found in the Court Records and scrolling over to the Mark on Floor
  • The team will then point out the shoe polish on the floor, Kazuma must of tripped and fallen somehow..
  • The final bit of evidence relates to the fall and can be found inside the trash bin by the desk
  • We will now find the other half of the smashed purple bell
  • Now where have we seen this purple bell before? hmmm… This one should be rather easy as we just had the evidence to this one a short while ago.
  • If you are still having trouble then I would suggest that you try and examine the Pavlova & Darka Photograph
  • Topic 2: How Mr Asogi Died – Death by a venomous snake’s bite will now change to Topic 2: How Mr Asogi Died – Death by tripping over a cat
  • Pavlova will now admit to her wrongdoings and that she doesn’t want to return back to Russia, meanwhile Strogenov will let everyone know that this ‘venomous’ snake actually belongs to him and not Pavlova. Meaning that he is actually breaking the rules by bringing a pet on board
  • Still something is not adding up and Ryunosuke will claim that there is a discrepancy in Pavlova’s story.
  • The evidence for this one can be found in the Crime Scene Photograph because the message which Kazuma supposedly wrote is in Russian, and Ryunosuke doesn’t believe that Kazuma would write this
  • Since Kazuma died an instant death there is no way he could write anything let alone in a foreign language. However, there will be another piece of evidence that shows why he would not write this
  • For this one select the Mark on Floor option
  • Both Pavlova and Strogenov will try to pin the crime on Ryunosuke since he was the only other person there that could of done it, and the fact the door being locked also proves it.
  • However, Sherlock Sholmes admits to of already investigated and examined the door and it’s lock. To which we now have to come to the conclusion that the door has a strange locking system in place.
  • The evidence for this one is the shelf
  • The reason for this is because both the shelf and the lock on the door moved whenever the ship comes to a sudden stop
  • The game will now explain that this same incident happened earlier when both Ryunosuke and Susato ended up being locked in Pavlova’s cabin
  • We will also find out that Sherlock Sholmes was the one who caused the ship to go into an emergency mode, no real surprise there.
  • We will now need to provide evidence that shows that the doors to Mr Asogi’s cabin was locked due to an emergency with the ship
  • The evidence to which can be found in the Ship’s Log
  • The team will now mention their headaches that they have had all day, and that it may be due to the chicken they all ate.
  • Both Strogenov and Pavlova will now decide to admit to everything and that they are all working as team, with their main mission to keep Pavlova from having to return back to Russia
  • We will now be tasked with providing the evidence to show that someone else was in the room when Kazuma died.
  • The answer to this one can be found on the back of Strogenov’s shirt. (Ink Stain)
  • Now we have seen this coloured ink before, many times actually
  • The game will want us to prove where it came from, this as already mentioned, should be an easy one.
  • The ink, if you remember was used to falsely accuse Ryunosuke of the murder. Hence why it is in Russian, so use the Crime Scene Photograph as evidence
  • Just before we can finally end the case, Sherlock Sholmes will find something else that seems to be ‘unnatural’. This time relating to the body of Kazuma
  • If you look closely at Kazuma’s left hand, you will notice that he is holding something. A rag of some kind...
  • Sherlock Sholmes will continue to talk about this and will come up with a crescent moon earring
  • We will now need to work out how that earring got into Kazuma’s hand
  • I’m quite sure that Strogenov doesn’t wear earrings, especially not crescent moon earrings at least.
  • So if you instead turn your attention to Pavlova, you will notice that she is wearing earrings but one of them looks a bit out of place, perhaps a different earring?
  • However, if you continue to scan Pavlova’s ears you will notice a matching crescent moon earring.
  • The cat is out of the bag, so to speak. Pavlova will finally realise this and decides to admit defeat by telling everyone what happened during that night
  • After finally getting the truth out of Pavlova, the game will want us to determine where exactly Kazuma was looking and if he was actually going to call the officials regarding Pavlova or not
  • For this one you will want to select the wardrobe, Kazuma was wanting to tell Ryunosuke regarding Pavlova. Ouch I feel rather bad about this case all of a sudden, talk about a complete misunderstanding.
  • (NOTE: If you look at the bed during this part then you will unlock the Pillow Perfectionist trophy achievement)


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