(TWEWY) NEO: The World Ends With You – Wallet Woes (Side Quest) Guide

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Wallet Woes is one of the many available side quests that you can find and complete within (TWEWY) NEO: The World Ends With You

It involves helping a man find his lost wallet

  • QUEST NAME: Wallet Woes
  • STORY CHAPTER: Week 2 Day 1
  • LOCATION: Tokyu Plaza
  • REWARDS: Adamantite, Itsuki Kaneda (Social Network)
  • SOCIAL NETWORK ABILITY: Beatdrop Bonus – Adds a sweet spot to the Beatdrop gauge that provides a greater Groove boost when hit
  • Head to Tokyu Plaza in order to find a man who seems to be a bit distressed
  • Go ahead and scan the man in order to find out why he is so anxious and flustered
  • You will now learn that he was wanting to purchase a ring as a birthday gift but unfortunately he can no longer do so. You will now obtain the keyword Ring
  • The team then ponder if the wallet they found earlier actually belongs to this man and will now try to imprint him
  • Go ahead and imprint him, the words you are looking for are Ring and Buy
  • The man will then leave to go and find his wallet
  • Head to the start of this chapter, back in the small alleyway where you originally found the wallet. If you have forgotten then the location is at Takeshita Street
  • Here speak to the man once again, unfortunately he still cannot find his wallet and wonders if someone else picked it up
  • If you scan the guy next to him, you will notice that he is currently being possessed by the Noise, dive into his mind.
  • You will now be forced to fight 3 waves of enemies
  • Note: This side quest recommends that your are at least level 24 or higher
  • These waves of enemies feature the following Noise enemies; Break Stinger (weak to Water, Stone, Light), Proto Puffer (weak to Electric, Wind, Sound), Jelly Madchester (weak to Wind, Darkness, Burst) and Bigbanfrog (weak to Electric, Wind, Kinesis)
  • The man, who is thankfully no longer being possessed, will decide to give up the wallet and rightfully hand it back to its original owner
  • The side quest will then end


  • Help the guy out
  • Someone could use our help near Tokyu Plaza
  • Scan the troubled guy to find out what’s wrong
  • Imprint him with the idea to head to the alley
  • Follow the person heading to the alley
  • Dive inside the mind of the person who picked up the wallet and erase the Noise


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