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In our The Great Ace Attorney Adventures, which is now part of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, walkthrough we will be trying to include all of the correct evidence, including examining potential missable objects and items, advising on what subjects to press on and basically trying to help guide you through the game whilst getting the most out of it

This particular page focuses on the Trail Part 1 – Vs Auchi, which takes place during November 22nd, 9:00am of Episode One – The Great Departure

  • MAIN STORY CHAPTER: The Great Departure
  • DATE: November 22nd, 9:00am
  • RIVAL: Auchi
  • NEXT: Trail Part 2
  • The game begins with our young defendant, Ryunosuke, trying to clear his name of murder. His opponent is Auchi and if he fails to beat him his best friend Kazuma will miss his dream chance to go and study in abroad
  • Your first chance to make any form of impact on the case comes when the Judge asks the following..
  • Who advocates for the defendant in this trail?
  • The answer to which is Answer ‘I do’
  • After all Mikotoba told Ryunosuke about Kazuma and his dream of travelling, and the only way to not ruin his big chance is to make sure he doesn’t take the heat if they end up loosing the case.
  • The game will then teach you more about the Court Record, this will become vital as you progress through the game. The Court Record stores everything that you will need in order to win these cases, that includes any evidence that you may of collected, lists of victims and suspects and so much more…
  • Anyway our next job is to find the victim using the Court Record (You can access the Court Record by pressing the E key on the keyboard – PC)
  • Navigate to the ‘People’ section (again using the E key) and then go ahead and find John H. Wilson, John’s page description will also tell you that he is indeed the victim (The victim of this case.)
  • We will now need to state the cause of death. So head to the Court Records once again
  • Then select the Post-Mortem Report. Apparently his death was caused by blood loss from a gunshot
  • You will now be given new evidence, Photograph of Victim. This can be viewed in the Court Records
  • Witness Hosonaga now takes to the stand, he is a waiter at the restaurant that the crime took place in (La Carneval)
  • Hosonaga will now give his view on what happened that day, during which he will mention that no one else but the accused and the victim was at the scene of the crime
  • Ryunosuke will be adamant that he saw a woman alongside the victim and decides to speak up about it
  • Here choose to Interject
  • We will now get new evidence; Waiter’s Business Card, to which Hosonaga now seems a bit shaken to
  • The court now brings two more witnesses to the stands; Nosa (an Imperial Army Sergeant) and Korekuta (an antique dealer)
  • Both Nosa and Korekuta will give their witness testimony; What the witnesses saw
  • We will now get to cross-examine their testimony, meaning we will need to try and find a clue in the witnesses statements.
  • The first clue in their statements resides in ‘Statement 4: The black-uniformed varsity cadet fired on the English civilian! And from the back, the cowardly little weasel!
  • To which you want to present the Photograph of Victim. The reason for this is because Nosa said the victim was shot from the back but in the photograph it clearly shows the gunshot from the front (This will unlock the Inconsistency Seer trophy achievement)
  • To which Nosa will then admit that he never saw the actual gunshot, instead his eyes were firmly fixed on his steak dinner. He will also reveal the source of the baby cries that seem to be happening behind him
  • Both of the witnesses will now get the chance to speak out once again; The True Culprit
  • We will now get new evidence; Crime Scene Photograph
  • Ryunosuke will be adamant about a woman being at the scene of the crime despite everyone else in the room claiming to of never seen her, this will cause another cross-examination to begin..
  • The clue this time is in ‘Statement 3 – Furthermore! A visual search of the premises at the time confirmed that we were the only personnel present
  • At this statement you will want to press further (Q – PC)
  • This will result in Ryunosuke yet again being frustrated that no one saw the female potential witness, it also sends confusion over the chosen time for having dinner and lunch, calling it a ‘quiet time’
  • This forces Auchi to present yet more evidence, this time we get a medical report card
  • The game will now ask if we want this report card to be handed in as evidence or to forget about it, having now been told why the victim picked that specific time to have lunch hmm…
  • Choose the Ask for it to be submitted option, after all every little helps..
  • The game will now tell you about being able to examine any evidence that you may have, though this can only be done on the evidence that shows a magnifying glass next to it
  • You can use the Space key – PC to inspect anything of interest more closely, alongside the directional keys (PC) and W,A,S,D (PC) too. So make sure to give everything a good and thorough examine when possible
  • We will now need to examine the medical report card, the main section that you want to inspect actually resides inside the card (you can click on the fold at the top corner to open it)
  • HOWEVER! if you want to examine the report card properly, like a good little detective ha! then there are other sections of the card that can prove interesting (this is missable)
  • (Front) Examine the bottom: Name: Mr John Wilson. Hotta Clinic
  • (Back) Examine the bottom: Dentist: Hotta Clinic. Date: / Record No: 372857
  • (Examine the fold) Examine any part of the inside pages: Game proceeds.
  • If you managed to examine all of the sections of the report card you will obtain the Healthy Curiosity trophy achievement
  • You will now find out that the victim went to the dentist on the day of the crime, in which he had one of his teeth taken out
  • Now the game will continue with the witness statement.
  • The statement that you want to take interest in is ‘Statement 4: Indeed. Alone, he was, the Englishman. Dining all by himself
  • Present the Medical Report Card as evidence, since we have seen food on the victim’s table but according to the report he couldn’t eat due to the dentist appointment
  • Since the victim was not allowed to eat, you will now be to tasked with finding out who exactly the food on the table belonged to.
  • Narrowing it down it cannot be the waiter since he was working, Nosa was too focused on his on food (as mentioned before when he lied about the gunshot), Korekuta was too occupied with his special coin, the victim we can rule out because of the dentist appointment and Ryunosuke (being the main character just would not make sense, he is trying to clear his name). This means it can only be someone else, so choose the An as-yet-unknown third party
  • Korekuta will then spill the beans and mention a ‘gentlewoman‘ and that the witnesses were following orders
  • Kazuma will mention that these orders must of come from someone in power but it is not Auchi as he seems confused at this point.
  • Since we don’t have that many people to choose from, having already ruled out a fair few. The answer to this one is Satoru Hosonaga (the waiter). He has influence because he works there, well he certainly provides more influence than those who remain as possible culprits at least.
  • As you may expect Auchi disagrees with the choice and doesn’t think being a waiter is enough to go on.
  • So to help remedy this situation proceed to examine the Waiter’s Business Card
  • If you turn this card over you will find out that Satoru Hosonaga is in actual fact a Chief Inspector for the Police
  • This will conclude the Trail Part 1


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