God Of War (2018) – All Collectibles (Tyr’s Temple – Odin’s Ravens, Nornir Chest) Guide

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As you continue to explore the world of (GOW) God of War 2018 you will come across various collectibles, these usually include Odin’s Ravens, Nornir Chests, Legendary Chests, Artefacts and more!

Getting and collecting them all will reward you with the following trophies and achievements, CuratorAllfather BlindedDeath Happened Here and The Truth

(Please Note: A lot of these collectibles cannot be collected until you have travelled far enough into the main story, this is because at the start you are lacking the necessary abilities and skills)

Below is a quick guide on how to find the collectibles on the Tyr’s Temple map, there is a total of 8 collectibles to be found


  • COLLECTIBLE: Mystic Gateway
  • GUIDE: This one is unmissable, it is right next to Brok’s shop


  • COLLECTIBLE: Legendary Chest
  • GUIDE: Heading into Tyr’s Temple itself, ride the lift down by activating the sand bowl
  • Once the lift reaches the ground floor, head through the nearby door here.
  • You should be able to spot the Legendary Chest here


  • COLLECTIBLE: Nornir Chest
  • GUIDE: From the last collectible, head left towards the mechanism and traps.
  • Once you arrive at the puzzle traps, you should notice that they have these white symbols on them.
  • Use your Axe and aim for these symbols and it will cause the wall to stop moving.
  • Now time the walls so that they move in sync with each other, in doing so you will be able to pass.
  • Here you will notice the Nornir chest itself. However, turn around and when the nearest wall is to the right, inward, use your Axe to stop it from moving.
  • Now if you keep an eye on the other, moving, wall you should notice the first seal
  • Return back to the mechanism and turn left. The second seal is on the small bookshelf
  • In this same area there will be another puzzle trap room, this time with spiked walls that raise and lower rather than move in and out.
  • On the side of this first moving wall will be the final seal
  • I managed to obtain the Iðunn’s Orchard trophy achievement at this point (Fully Upgraded Your Health)


  • COLLECTIBLE: Lore Marker (Rune Vault Clue)
  • GUIDE: Return back to the main room now, with the chandelier.
  • Here you can find a wall you can climb up, do so.
  • This lore marker will be written on the wall here


  • COLLECTIBLE: Jotnar Shrine (Bergelmir)
  • GUIDE: Proceed to ride the lift back up and out of this part of Tyr’s Temple altogether
  • Now we are back outside, head left to a red door. You can only gain access to this door whilst on or after completing the A Path To Jotunheim mission
  • Continue on until you reach the giant golden statues, here ride the lift down
  • This Jotnar Shrine will be right behind you once the lift reaches the ground floor


  • COLLECTIBLE: Lore Marker (Leave Them In Peace)
  • GUIDE: From the last collectible, head through the door on the right.
  • You will now have to complete a puzzle involving walls of spikes. You can either watch the above video or refer to my guide here if you need help getting past it
  • After completing that puzzle you will then need to solve another one, again it involves spiked walls. You can either refer to the video above or to my guide here on this one
  • The lore marker is in the next room, written on the wall


  • COLLECTIBLE: Legendary Chest
  • GUIDE: Return back to the lift room now
  • Since we have now been through the door on the right, it is now time to head through the door on the left.
  • This time we have a puzzle involving giant spiked circles or wheels. Again refer to the video above or the guide here in order to solve it
  • After solving that one, we will have yet another puzzle involving spiked wheels. This time it also includes the wind element too, don’t worry though as we only need to partly solve it.
  • Start off by taking the wind element out of the door to the left, then placing it into the socket next to the giant spiked wheel. This will then cause the wheel to move
  • Now we need to walk past this large wheel so wait until it moves out of the way enough for this to happen, then take the wind element back out of the socket. This should stop the wheel from moving.
  • Place this wind element into the door to the left, this door will now have one wind element inserted into it but as you can see it needs two.
  • Head back to the now immobile wheel and squeeze past it or get close enough to it, so that you can take one of the wind elements from the wheel behind it
  • Insert this wind element into the door and it should then open and reveal the Legendary Chest


  • COLLECTIBLE: Lore Marker (Good Gods)
  • GUIDE: Well for this one we will need to finish solving the spiked wheel and wind puzzle, if you need help with it then refer to the video above or check out my guide for it here
  • After solving this puzzle the lore marker can be found in the next room, written on the wall here.


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