God Of War (2018) – Wind Circle Wheel Spike (Tyr’s Temple – Puzzle Solution) Guide

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As you continue your journey through Midgard you will inevitably come across various riddles and puzzles that you will need to solve in order to progress the story.

One of which occurs during the A Path To Jotunheim mission, where you come across giant spiked wheels and the wind element

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: A Path To Jotunheim
  • LOCATION: Tyr’s Temple
  • GUIDE:
  • After successfully passing the headache of the last spike wheel puzzle the game graciously gives us another one, this time it involves the wind element
  • Okay begin this one by taking one of the wind elements from the door next to you, on the left. You can insert another wind element in here to open the door and reveal a chest a bit later on, if you are having issues with this then be sure to check out my other guide here
  • Okay with one of the wind elements now in your possession go ahead and insert into the socket next to the large wheels. This will cause the closest wheel to start moving
  • Wait until the wheel moves to either the side or the top, you want to be able to walk past it
  • Then once it has moved enough out of the way, take the wind element back out of the socket.
  • Then walk past the now immobile wheel to the next set of wheels
  • Insert the wind element into the next wheel here, this will cause the wheel to raise.
  • Take the wind element back out of this wheel now
  • Then insert the wind into the wheel on the right, it is the only wheel that has yet to see the element.
  • You should now be able to run through the wheels now and finally onto the all important chain!


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