Oddworld Soulstorm : Brewtal (Brew A Slig – Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Brewtal is one of the many different trophies and achievements that can be unlocked and achieved during Oddworld Soulstorm.

As the name suggests Brewtal is indeed quite ‘brewtal’ and it actually does require you to use a Brew, you can get Brew from the very first stage (The Raid On Mosaic) and throughout the rest of the game too. They are often found in crates, lockers or if you are lucky enough on enemies and of course if necessary you can also craft them too

However, the earliest time in order to achieve this specific trophy is on The Ruins stage, so get your butts there so we can continue. Or of course if you happen to be past that specific stage then good, however we will be using The Ruins stage for this specific guide, it can be done at later levers too and of course the same method applies.

Brewtal is a Bronze Graded trophy

Okay as already mentioned we will be focusing on this trophy achievement from The Ruins standpoint, however the same method applies on all stages after that. The Ruins is just the earliest and perhaps easiest stage to perform this on.

As you continue through The Ruins you will come across a Checkpoint, some rather conveniently placed crates (they actually have Brew inside them, which we need) and low and behold a Slig nearby too. All of the required ingredients for a trophy achievement, right? RIGHT!

Okay there are perhaps many different ways to do this next part, however I’ll just use what I personally did in order to pull it off.

Using Abe’s Chant ability (L2 – Playstation) ring the large bell in order to unlock the path below and so that the Slig can walk by the small fire you can see there.

Then switch to the Brew (Hold ‘Triangle’ – Playstation) and proceed to throw them next to the fire and slig until the enemy catches on fire and burns, simple!

This in truth should not be a difficult one to pull off as the game practically hints at you to do it anyway, so if you pay attention to your actions you will end up pulling this off without a guide ha!


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