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A Bad Day is one of the many optional side quests that you can find and complete within the popular action title, Outriders. It involves talking to the merchant Mr Chang.

Thankfully with the side quests within Outriders you can replay these as many times as you want, meaning if you enjoyed a personal side quest then you can redo it. However, you will of course need to find and complete the quest at least once first.

The rewards that you get from completing these side quests also has a chance to change every time you complete the specific quest too, thus for the purpose of this guide I’ll simply add down the rewards that I personally received myself.

A Bad Day – Side Quest

  • CLIENT: Mr Chang
  • STORY SEGMENT: Rift Town
  • REWARD: 500 Experience, x1 Selectable Gear (Unusual)
  • LOCATION: Rift Town
  • This one became available after rescuing Jakub and before solving the Solar Tower issue
  • Simply head to Rift Town and search the vendor area for a gate with an exclamation mark over it
  • Inspect the gate in order to speak to the merchant Mr Chang. Unfortunately the talk doesn’t last long and long story short, you end up finding out that a guy named Barker who is Leader of the Hounds ordered the hit. It is time to pay him a visit
  • Okay, in order to reach the destination you will need to head back to the stairs, you can no longer enter the hound territory that you previously did for Jakub. Instead you need to head all the way downstairs, right to the very bottom
  • Down here you should notice practically straight away that this is indeed were we need to be, in fact the entrance is even labelled Barker’s Territory how convenient.
  • As you enter the building expect some heavy firepower straight off the bat, blast your way through them in order to progress..
  • After taking care of the first wave of guards you will encounter a closed gate. However, if you head left from this gate you should notice your first collectible (a note) named Eva’s Letter
  • The note gives a great insight to the quest and to the assassination of Mr Chang
  • Anyway go ahead and turn the valve which can be found next to the gate in order to progress on with the quest
  • You will now be confronted with the second wave of Hound thugs, so get those weapons ready!
  • After dealing with the second wave you can then progress up the flights of stairs and through to door to finally confront Barker.
  • When Barker finally gets what is coming to him, search the room in order to find the second collectible (a journal) conveniently named Barker’s Journal
  • After searching the room and collecting any items you may or may not want you can then return back to town
  • Whilst at town, proceed to the area where you first met with Mr Chang in order to find the girl you just rescued (Eva). It would seem that Eva now runs a weapon store and she will also give you your rewards for the quest too


Mr Chang, an affordable merchant in Rift Town, was assassinated in front of you. The assassin tried to kill you too, realizing too late that you’re Altered. Before you returned the favor, you got information on his boss, Barker, the leader of the Hounds.

His hideout is located somewhere deep below Rift Town’s slums.

  • Enter the Hounds’ territory below Rift Town


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