Outriders : Historian Evolution (Collector Quest) Guide

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Unlike the optional side quest and the Wanted – Bounty quests, this specific quest is attached to the Collector Quest chain.

The quests allows players to hunt around the planet of Enoch in order to search for artifacts for the npc character, Madame Beauvoir

This specific quest can be found and completed during your trip to The Caravel

You will get the Action Figure as part of the artifact reward

  • CLIENT: Madame Beauvoir
  • REWARD: Action Figure
  • LOCATION: Incineration Chambers (The Caravel)
  • Head to the Incineration Chambers in order to be able to activate this one
  • As usual defeat the various waves of enemies then at the end examine the body on the floor in order to complete the section of the quest
  • Return to Madame Beauvoir who will award you with the action figure, and if this is the 10th Collector Quest completed then you will also receive the Patron of the Past trophy achievement


Madame Beauvoir, one of the oldest surviving citizens of Earth, is trying to preserve her home planet’s history. Look for artifacts from Earth that you come across in your travels and bring them to her in Rift Town

  • Search for items Madame Beauvoir will be interested in


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