Outriders : Life’s Treasure (Side Quest) Guide

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Life’s Treasure is one of the many optional side quests that you can find and complete within the popular action title, Outriders. It involves finding a group of people that stole from an elderly woman

Thankfully with the side quests within Outriders you can replay these as many times as you want, meaning if you enjoyed a personal side quest then you can redo it. However, you will of course need to find and complete the quest at least once first.

The rewards that you get from completing these side quests also has a chance to change every time you complete the specific quest too, thus for the purpose of this guide I’ll simply add down the rewards that I personally received myself.

  • CLIENT: Atta Goldstein
  • STORY SEGMENT: Trench Town
  • REWARD: 
  • LOCATION: Camp
  • This quest becomes available after you unlock the Ancient Ruins area (story related). You will then need to travel back to Trench Town
  • You can then find Atta at the upper part of Trench Town


Atta, an elderly woman in Trench Town, told you of a young couple she’d taken in from the streets, giving them food and shelter. But the couple, a young man and woman, took advantage of her. They stole a ring and pendant from her, then ran off. She asked you to retrieve what they stole.

  • Investigate the thieves’ shelter in Trench Town


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