Outriders : Rigging The Game (Side Quest) Guide

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Rigging the Game is one of the many optional side quests that you can find and complete within the popular action title, Outriders. It involves trying to resolve a debt

Thankfully with the side quests within Outriders you can replay these as many times as you want, meaning if you enjoyed a personal side quest then you can redo it. However, you will of course need to find and complete the quest at least once first.

The rewards that you get from completing these side quests also has a chance to change every time you complete the specific quest too, thus for the purpose of this guide I’ll simply add down the rewards that I personally received myself.

  • CLIENT: Mercer Acosta
  • STORY SEGMENT: Forest Enclave
  • REWARD: x1 Selectable Gear (Rare), 500 EXP
  • LOCATION: Enclave Camp
  • You can activate this side quest immediately, there is no specific requirements for this one.
  • The quest is rather short and basic, in fact it is one of the very few that doesn’t even require you to leave the area…


Mercer, the vendor in the Forest Enclave, asked you to have a word with a gambler he owes money to. You can find the gambler in the Enclave

  • Take Mercer’s place in the game


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