Outriders Worldslayer – All 4 Journal Entries (Black Gulch) Locations Guide

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Outriders Worldslayer is the DLC to the 2021 title. It comes complete with several new trophies and achievements. Plus collectibles, and additional quality of life improvements and Expedition content.

Some of the new collectibles include the return of the Journal Entries. These were, of course, also featured in the base game too.

This specific page will be focused on the locations to all of the various Journal Entries that can be found within the Black Gulch mission. There are 4 to find altogether.

DIARY: Sewer Note
DESCRIPTION: Fuckhead! For the last time: sweep the sewer EVERY DAY. Catch you sleeping again, you go to the yard.

– Check the whole length of the tunnels.

– Kill any beasts

– Lock it down


– And make sure the landmine in the hole is still set. Been half- fucked ever since that big funny-sounding dope escaped. Feel free to trigger it by mistake and brighten my day.
Believe me, if this sewer isn’t locked down tight, you’ll be fucking fuckheadless soon!
GUIDE: During the Incursion quest we will be tasked with entering the Stronghold, this will take us to the sewers. Down here our character will comment on how cold it is. You will find the journal to the right

DIARY: ECA POW’s Journal
DESCRIPTION: We knew what we were getting into, but at the time, the effort demanded the risk. Not a single team has ever survived infiltrating Black Gulch, and we had a sure lead. The attempt had to be made… Now that it’s over. I wish there was a way to contact the Grand Marshal, to tell her to never send another fucking team here. To tell her it’s futile. The fortress is unassailable.

They’ve got me in a cage, on the other side of the execution yard. I’ve seen the guillotine’s work. They never sharpen it, and they don’t need to. It doesn’t so much sever the head as it crushes the neck under its weight. There’s not much of a head left, after the blade falls.

They make me watch, they think they’re torturing me. But I don’t mind watching. I look every one of my soldiers in the eye, so they know they’ve done good. How many in the trenches can claim they were given a chance to say goodbye?
GUIDE: Here we will want to make our way over to Death Row. In Death Row we can find the ‘Activate the Crane’ objective.
To the left here we can find a small section with tables and cages, the journal can be found here. It is next to the burn barrel.

DIARY: Prisoner’s Journal
GUIDE: Interact and lift the cargo (Activate the Crane objective). The journal is just beyond here, in the dead end.

DIARY: Soldier’s Orders
LOCATION: Black Gulch Quarry
DESCRIPTION: Vasily! Remember to impress upon your men the need to protect the Commander’s pet scientist from any ECA assassin or wannabe kidnappers.

But keep an eye on the damn scientist too. Commander suspects Salvador’s loyalty is wavering in his old age. If he needs to go collecting samples or reach the dish to play with radio dials, make sure you stay close. In fact, pat him down whenever he comes or goes out of your sight.

He’s up to something. And god help you if it happens on your watch.
GUIDE: Head down the wooden platform and turn right in order to find this one on the floor. It is by the oil drums.


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