Outriders Worldslayer – All 5 Journal Entries (Driftwater) Locations Guide

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Outriders Worldslayer is the DLC to the 2021 title. It comes complete with several new trophies and achievements. Plus collectibles, and additional quality of life improvements and Expedition content.

Some of the new collectibles include the return of the Journal Entries. These were, of course, also featured in the base game too.

This specific page will be focused on the locations to all of the various Journal Entries that can be found within the Driftwater mission. There are 5 to find altogether.

DIARY: Salvador’s Dead Drop Letter #1
GUIDE: You can find this journal entry on the table next to Dr. Zahedi.

DIARY: Journal of Village Head
LOCATION: Driftwater Outskirts
GUIDE: The journal entry resides inside one of the buildings. It is near the ramp leading to the water

DIARY: Journal of a Villager
LOCATION: Stilted Cabins
GUIDE: Head up a small hill to the right and we should come across a building next to a gate. The journal is in here.

DIARY: Journal Of An Insurgent Captain
LOCATION: Bell Tower Square
GUIDE: This can be found by heading through the ground floor of a large building. It is next to a fallen metal walkway.

DIARY: Salvador’s Unsent Letter (Story Related)
GUIDE: This one is story related and unmissable. You will get it when tasked with returning to the convoy.


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