Outriders Worldslayer – All 4 Journal Entries (Null Point) Locations Guide

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Outriders Worldslayer is the DLC to the 2021 title. It comes complete with several new trophies and achievements. Plus collectibles, and additional quality of life improvements and Expedition content.

Some of the new collectibles include the return of the Journal Entries. These were, of course, also featured in the base game too.

This specific page will be focused on the locations to all of the various Journal Entries that can be found within the Null Point mission. There are 4 to find altogether.

DIARY: Salvador’s Journal #1
GUIDE: Head up the snowy hill and turn right to find the journal entry next to some trees.

DIARY: Salvador’s Journal #2
GUIDE: Make your way to the Forgotten Road. As you follow the path towards your destination you should spot a collection of pots, the journal entry is here.

DIARY: Salvador’s Journal #3
GUIDE: This next journal entry will be to the right of your checkpoint banner, where you can find an abandoned camp. (This specific journal entry will not be too far away from the Salavador’s Journal #2)

DIARY: Salvador’s Journal #4
GUIDE: Just up the hill from the camp (Salvador’s Journal #3), you will find a bench with this latest journal entry.


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