Paper Mario : The Origami King – All 10 Hidden Toad Locations (Whispering Woods) Guide

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Welcome to yet another one of my Paper Mario: The Origami King guides

For this one we will be covering where to find all 10 Toad hidden locations whilst in the Whispering Woods area.

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#1 TOAD:

This one can be found inside the tent, I have circled which one in the above image.
When you successfully open the Tent, the Toad will then jump out of it. However, you will then need to smack him with the Hammer in order for this one to actually count.

#2 TOAD:

​Not too far from where you found #Toad 1 there will be a Goomba just sat on the swing, cute. However, the fact he isn’t exactly doing anything and his staring eyes are creeping me out, I suggest you whack him with your trusty Hammer
After smacking the Goomba around, a small bug insect of some kind will then land on the leg of the swings. I have circled this insect in the above image. You will then need to smack that too in order for the Toad to appear.

#3 TOAD:

For this one we will need to go and say hello to a nearby Snail, it will just be sitting there on top of a tree stump minding its own business. Until we arrived that is..
Lets interrupt this poor Snail by pulling it out of the tree stump (as seen in the above image)
Turns out it wasn’t actually a Snail after all, it was Toad.. go figure..

#4 TOAD:

Right next to where you managed to find Toad #3 should be a large Tree.
Smack the Tree in order for the insect (which I have circled in the image above) to fall out of it.
Unfortunately the insect will still be feeling rather emotional toward the Tree and thus will opt to stick to it, darn..
To solve this problem, you will need to wack the insect and snap it out of it’s ‘relationship’. Remember whack the insect NOT the ground (unlike in the image above)

#5 TOAD:

Here we have a Goomba on a picnic table, hmm wonder if it feels like sharing? Lets go and find out
Turns out he ate all the food and left none for us (well probably), thus lets teach him a lesson for being greedy and jump on him. That will teach him!
You will now unlock a sort of mini game where you will need to jump on all of the Goomba that appear, have fun!
After successfully completing that, you may find something laying on the floor. (As seen in the image above, I have actually circled this ‘something’).
Pull this little guy out of the ground, in order to complete this one

#6 TOAD:

Staying where we are (where you managed to find Toad #5, well where I managed to find him and you just copied and followed my instruction). There will be a cake on the table next to you (I have circled it in the image above)
Jump up on top of the table and smack the cake with your trusty Hammer, what a waste of good food.
Turns out this cake was actually another Toad, anyone for a Mushroom Cake?

#7 TOAD:

As you can perhaps see in the above image, we may of caught this little Toad during a bad moment, just how does one get stuck in a tiny bush like that anyway? 
Knock some sense into him using your Hammer. (As seen in the image above)

#8 TOAD:

Don’t stray too far from Toad #7 as we are not done here yet. Instead head to the building right next to you (I have placed a bubble circle on the same said building) It’s time to play follow the bubbles! or circles whatever you want to call it I guess..
Hmm, I wonder what this is on the floor? Lets try smacking it with our Hammer!

#9 TOAD:

Next to that same building you where at just a bit ago for Toad #8, you may find something a bit strange in amongst the logs here (I have marked in on the image above)
Lets not let him suffocate in there and pull him out
We have managed to save Toad #9 but he still has a problem, it seems that being stuck in amongst the logs has now made him a creased mess, poor guy. Lets go and help him!
Head over to the rather light patch on the ground here, it is standing out like crazy and is somehow resembling a square, perhaps something is hidden here?

If you check out the image above, and jump on this same said square patch it will indeed reveal a large Yellow ‘?’ box (as seen above)
If you jump up into the Yellow ‘?’ box, something will fall out of it (as shown in the image above). The Yellow ‘?’ box will also now turn brown. Well done you have found a secret and now our little friend no longer looks glum..
Anyway now we need to head back to the little building here and to the row of flowers (circled in the image above) Notice how one set of flowers are missing?
If you jump up into the empty flower box, it will suddenly spawn a flower MAGIC! Perhaps the flower was a bit shy? hmm..
Now smack the flower, well why not? I guess it gave us a few problems hiding like that and everything

#10 TOAD:

This specific one will unfortunately require a bit more work to be done compared to the others found here. For one we will not be able to get this little Toad straight away..


1) You will need to of unlocked the Submarine and the Great Sea area (Comes after defeating the Yellow Streamer)
2) You will then need to get the Big Shell from the Great Sea. Head to this page here. It is Treasure #11
3) Use Fire Vellumental power to light the campfire in whispering woods and cook the big shell

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