Paper Mario : The Origami King – All 14 Hidden Toad Locations (Shroom City) Guide

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Welcome to yet another one of my Paper Mario: The Origami King guides

For this one we will be covering where to find all 14 hidden Toad locations whilst in the Shroom City area.

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#1 TOAD: 

For this one head to the area shown in the above image, from there ..
From there head around the building, unfortunately you cannot see Mario in the above image and thus I have decided to replace him with my fancy bubble circle. Hopefully you will still work out where you need to be for this part.
Presuming you managed to follow my instructions correctly, you should now be in the same area as the above image. If so good well done, if not FIND IT DAMN IT!!!!
This area is actually quite straight forward, thus jump up the boxes and on to the next screen
This will lead you to the building’s roof, from there jump down onto the seesaw that I have circled in the above image. However, the seesaw is clearly viewable regardless.
This will send the poor guy here flying, oopsie…
He’ll be fine, just a minor headache. As for you, get your scrawny little butt to the area where the poor guy crash landed and you should now see a stack of collectibles (including a Flashy Hammer)
Here is where we will also find our first Toad, as shown in the image above, use your trusty Hammer and smack the object on the ground.

#2 TOAD: 

Head to the roof of the building you used in order to jump on the seesaw and find Toad #1
Whilst up on the roof you will want to smack the nearby pillar statue (as seen in the image above)

#3 TOAD: 

For this one head to the area shown in the above image. From there follow the bubble circle to the crates to the left of the image
Smash the crates here
Smashing the crates should of revealed a hole in the wall here (as seen in the image above)
Smack the hole with your Hammer
If you keep smacking the hole something will pop out and the hole will also magically vanish

#4 TOAD: 

Not really straying too far from the last Toad location, Toad #3
As seen in the image above there seems to be a lovely square patch on the floor here, perhaps we should add a block there? hmm…
Smack the yellow ‘?’ box that you just planted, this will turn the said block from yellow to brown. Then proceed to jump on it
When you have successfully reached the top platform, you will or should see a small tree here. Smack it one, smacking stuff is fun!! ha!
After smacking the tree enough times, something will then fall out of it. (As seen in the above image)
Smack that as well whilst your at it

#5 TOAD: 

Again don’t stray too far from the last Toad, Toad #4. However, you will now want to jump back down to the lower level. Head to that lonely little flower there (shown on the image above)
Smack this little flower here, is it me or is Mario turning out to be quite a meanie?
Turns out our next Toad was disguised as the little flower, fair enough.

#6 TOAD: 

Head back onto the high platform where you I mean I managed to find Toad #4 and you just simply followed instructions.
Instead of smacking trees this time, you will want to jump up on top of the crates here
Make your way over the small wall here (as seen in the above image). Use the barrels there in order to get the height you need
Yay it’s back to smacking stuff once again! This time you will need to smack the light here in order for something to fly out of it
Use your Hammer on the ‘something’ that fell out of the light

#7 TOAD: 

​Head to where Mario is in the above image, just right of the main entrance if you decided to move away from where Toad #6 landed
We are now sign smacking, yes by that I mean go ahead and use your hammer on the sign shown in the image above
Whilst we are here you might as well use your hammer on the ‘something’ that just conveniently landed on the floor here

#8 TOAD: 

Again don’t go anywhere from your current location (where Toad #7 was found) You will want to head through the door here (the one that I bubble circled for you in the above image)
Use your hammer on the object here that is sitting on the shelf

#9 TOAD: 

​This room looks rather nice, anyway head here this is our next area that we need to be in
Head towards the DJ here and jump up on the obstacles next to him and over the ledge (as seen in the above image)
You will now want to use your trusty hammer on the box here (as seen in the above image)
In doing so you will reveal a huge Rat (is this an Easter Egg from the Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins game? Hmm) Anyway use your hammer and send the Rat to Rat heaven
The Rat will then turn into a nice shining light which will then form a hand on the floor, handy!
Go ahead and step on this newly formed Hand symbol on the floor, in doing you will form a new set of arms, very handy! Now get all hands on with the above water wheel
If you turn the wheel enough times you should be able to turn off the water fountain, I kind of feel bad now as we just crashed the party.. oh well..
Turn around and pull off the poster here (as seen in the above image). This will enable us to exit this balcony area
Go and talk to the guy here, who is probably feeling rather bitter at what you just did. In doing so he will choose to go off in a huff, sorry..
Like the bullies that we are, use your hammer and smash the surfboard that the guy was using

#10 TOAD: 

Staying in the same room as the above image shows, we now want to use the door to the right of the image (shown with my wonderful bubble circle)
This one has somehow managed to get himself stuck amongst the crates here, what a klutz.
Thus smash your way through the crates in order to get closer to him and help him out.
Once you are close enough to him, be a pal and pull him out

#11 TOAD: 

We now need to head to the Hotel Lobby
Use your hammer here to move the trolley (as seen in the above image)

#12 TOAD: 

We now need to head into the room (right side of the Hotel Lobby, as seen in the image above)
Head to the large vase at the end of the corridor here. 
You should know the drill by now, use the hammer on this said large vase. Just try not to hit your friend here, oops sorry.
Whilst you are at it, you can also use the hammer on the ‘object’ that fell out of the large vase (as seen in the images above)

#13 TOAD: 

In order to get this one you will need to of (SPOILER: rescued Luigi). After doing that we can proceed.
Head into the Lamp building or tent, who knows maybe we can find Aladdin here?
Oh well we couldn’t find Aladdin but we did manage to find a platform that we can jump to
What is this thing? Is this Aladdin? Maybe Jaffar finally got his way and turned him into a large bug? Let’s find out, try using your hammer on it
Oh! it was another Toad, oh well.. Our quest to find Aladdin continues.. Perhaps he is in another castle!

#14 TOAD: 

In order to find our last and final Toad for this area you will need to of (SPOILER: defeated the Yellow Streamer) After you have done that we can proceed.

You see that lovely bubble circle on the image above? Well I want you to follow it!
Keep following the bubble circle, follow! follow! follow! follow to your deaths! foll ‘cough’…
What is this on the floor here? Perhaps you should pull it, could be something valuable
Ahh it’s a horde of evil looking Toads, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! AHHHH!

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