Paper Mario: The Origami King – Bonehead Island (Skull Door Puzzle) Guide

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There are many different puzzles that can be found and need solving throughout Paper Mario: The Origami King, one of which is at the Bonehead Island and is a puzzle which involves a Skull shaped door, hence the name ‘Bonehead Island: Skull Door Puzzle

Anyway lets not ramble on and lets begin shall we?

Okay head to the area in the above image (if you are not already there), we will be making this our starting point for this specific guide.

To begin with you will want to head to the right of the screen (where I have placed my wonderful bubble circle in the image above) Head up the platforms here
Once you have successfully reached the top of the platforms here, you will then need to jump through the little hole here in the Skull’s head
Whilst in this room, keep a note on the pattern here. Which pillars are standing with Fire on them and which are not. This is very important! After you have that memorized head on back out
Head to the front of the giant Skull head now (as seen in the above image)
Remember that you went through the hole in the right side of the giant Skull head before? Well this time you want to jump through the hole on the left side of the giant Skull head (as shown in the image above)
Now we are in a familiar room as the last one, by that we have more Pillars of fire once again. Now remember I said to memorize the pattern in the last room we where just in? Well you want to mirror it for this room. Basically copy the pillar pattern that I told you to memorize
It (at least for me) should look something like this (above image). I’m not sure if this puzzle is random but if you manage to get the same pattern as me, then this is the result you want (Keep a note that the Pillar closest to Mario is the only one lowered) Remember to use your Hammer in order to solve the Pillars
If you did it correctly then the small skull in the other room should completely light up and a small platform should appear on the floor (as seen in the above image)
Use your hammer on the door here in order for it to open
Once again use your Hammer this time on the platform on the floor (as seen in the image above)
Congratulations you have just solved the puzzle!

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