(RE2) Resident Evil 2 Remake : Treasure Hunter (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Here we walk you through on how to unlock the ‘Treasure Hunter’ Trophy / Achievement which requires you to use photos in order to find hidden items.

(NOTE: This page works for both Leon & Claire, based on the first run of the game)

The first chance to obtain this Trophy / Achievement comes quite early. Whilst investigating the Police Station you will come across a room entitled ‘Safety Deposit Room’ it is near the ‘Dark Room’ Save Point and a set of stairs.
Here you will want to input the number ‘106’ into the Machine which will unlock the small box which holds the Film.

With the Film now in hand travel to the ‘Dark Room’ save point and inspect the back room (remember to use the Map if needed). Here inspect the sink and use the newly obtained ‘Film’, it will show you a statue that appears to be holding a Book and a Sceptre.

Now we need to head to the ‘Library’ again use the Map to navigate your way there. Whilst inside the Library there should be a ‘Red Book’ on the table near the door, pick it up and now we need to travel to the 2F East section.

Head upstairs and to the East section and through the door, head through yet another door to the Hallway. Now you cannot visit this section until after your section cutscene with Marvin. Which happens after the Library visit anyway.

Now whilst in the Hallway head through the nearest door ‘Art Room’ NOT the one leading outside and here you will find the Statue. On the table near this Statue is a Hand which should be obvious since the Statue only had one hand right now.
However before giving it to the Statue pick up this Hand and combine it with the Red Book, now inspect the Statue and give the Hand to him. This should now give you the Sceptre.

Now you should of found at least one of the items using the required film, however as the Trophy / Achievement suggests we now need to find another..​If for whatever reason the last one is out and you cannot claim it, or if you have and are looking for another. Then here is another film you can find, it is also probably the easiest way to unlock this one too. Anyway keep playing until you hit the ‘Waterway’ Sewer section during your ‘Plug’ finding adventures.

Eventually you should be able to access the ‘Workroom’ which is near the ‘Worker Break Room’, here on the table you will find a film named ‘Hiding Place’

Now if you travel back to the Police Station and to the ‘Dark Room’, develop the new film and you not only get 1 picture BUT 2 pictures which is what we need!

Now the areas that these clues refer to is the ‘STARS’ room which on the 2F floor near the ‘Shower Room’ and the other is on the 1F floor which is the ‘Press Room’ investigate in those 2 rooms to claim your prize!

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