(RDR2) Red Dead Redemption 2 : 100% Completion Checklist Guide

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One of the features in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) is to get 100% in the game which unlocks the Trophy / Achievement ‘Best In The West’
Now some of these are locked and you will probably wonder what it takes to unlock the different checklist objectives, well below we have you covered!


1) Missions – There are a total of 107 story missions. Complete the game to get this one!
2) Strangers – There are 26 Stranger missions to complete in total. However, you only need to complete 10 (These are marked on the map and you will probably get around to completing this one during your first playthrough)
3) Bounties – You only need to complete 5 of these and they are marked on the Map. You can get a Bounty at a Town from the Sheriff
4) Chance Encounters – These happen when you come across a ‘Stranger’ randomly during your adventures
5) Bushwacked – To unlock this one you simply just have to explore the map and continue the story. Meeting the various different gangs on your travels
6) Gang Hideouts – For this one you need to discover all 6 of the different Gang Hideouts.


ODriscoll Camp 1
Lemoyne Camp
Murfree Brood
Laramie Gang / ODriscoll Camp 2
Del Lobo Camp 1
Del Lobo Camp 2
1) Points Of Interest – You only need to find one of these and during the story you will be tasked to do this anyway, at least once
2) Find 9 Graves of your fallen companions – This also unlocks the Trophy / Achievement ‘Paying Respects’ Guide Here
3) Get 1 Cigarette Card Set – You can do this at a shop, simply buy a pack of Cigarette Cards from the General Store until you have enough and discard any unwanted ones.
4) Find 30 Dinosaur Bones – You can find a guide for this one here
5) Find 13 Legendary Fish – Legendary Fish can be found by just exploring the map as they appear on the map when you reach the right location.
6) All Exotic Tasks for Algernon Wasp – This is a Stranger Mission quest. It can be found inside a building in Saint Denis
7) Find 10 Rock Carvings – You can find a guide for this one here
8) All Hunting Requests From Train Stations – This one can be unlocked by going to certain Post Offices (Valentine is one of these) and the person behind the desk will mention the ability to do a certain task.
9) 1 Treasure Hunter Chain – Complete one Treasure Hunter quest.
10) Find 20 Dreamcatchers – You can find a guide for this one here

​1) Discover 50 Animals – You can find a guide for this one here
2) Discover 10 Species Of Fish – Fishing around the various different Lakes should solve this one!
3) Discover 10 pieces of Equipment – Though you get a lot of these during the story, you can also knock off Legendary animals for this too. Here
4) Encounter all 6 enemy gangs – Continue the story to achieve this one!
5) Discover 10 Horse Breeds – Adventuring through the map will unlock this one. Remember to scan each Horse.
6) Collect 20 Plants – During your travels you will find many Plants, simply pick up 20 different ones.
7) Use 48 different Weapons – Many weapons can be bought from the Blacksmith in Town. Alternatively you can also find them scattered around during your adventures. Here is a guide to all weapons – Here

1) Reach Maximum Health, Stamina & Dead Eye – This can be done either by running around on foot to level up your Stamina, Dead Eye improves when you Smoke a Cigarette at the General Store and Health improves as you help out random Strangers.
2) Reach Maximum Horse Bonding – Riding around on the same horse will increase its bond level, 4 is the maximum
3) Complete all 9 Challenges – This includes the ‘Master Hunter’ and such that you can find on your menu.

1) Discover 5 Shacks – Exploring the what look like ‘Empty Boxes’ on the map will get you this one!
​2) Kill 5 Legendary Animals – Guide can be found here
3) Play all 4 Table Top Mini-Games – These can be found in Town or at Camp
4) Take a Bath – This can be done via the Story. Make sure to allow the woman in when doing so
5) Watch 1 Show – This can be done via Town / Theatre
6) Craft 6 different Recipes – Use the Fence person to Craft items for you.
7) Complete 4 different Robberies – Shop, Train etc..

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