Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous – How To Recruit Nenio (Optional Companion) Guide

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As you continue through Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous you will inevitably come across your fellow companions, some of which will automatically show up, then some others will require a bit more exploration in order to find.

This page will be focused on the companion, Nenio, who is one of those that requires more exploration. Thus this one can perhaps be classed as optional and missable.

  • COMPANION: Nenio
  • GENDER: Female
  • CLASS: Scroll Savant
  • ALIGNMENT: Neutral
  • GUIDE:
  • You can recruit Nenio as soon as you trigger and head for the Arendae Party House, which is part of the No Better Time for a Banquet quest
  • As you head towards the Arendae Party House, you should get stopped by a random encounter. This should be Nenio
  • Nenio will then approach a group of Baphomet Cultists and start randomly quizzing them on their idol, Baphomet. Asking them question regarding this ‘god’ of theirs.
  • Just listen in and watch this fan group fail and get frustrated by their lack of knowledge, they will soon leave. However, if you manage to know the answer to one of her questions, then you will be rewarded with 17XP
  • Feeling rather disappointed that the cultists were not able to answer the questions, Nenio will now start asking you questions instead.
  • We will be tasked with answering a total of 3 different questions altogether
  • Now for me I was lucky enough that my Persuasion was high enough that the answers were already given to me. However, if this does not apply to you then the answers to the questions are as follows;
  • Q) Which colors does the goddess Iomedae prefer?
  • A) Red and White (Option 3)
  • Q) Did Aroden take part in any crusade before he died?
  • A) No, he didn’t (Option 3)
  • Q) What is the title that Areelu Volesh bears? Is she the Architect of the Worldwound, the Lord of the Labyrinth, or the Border Acquisitor of the Shapeless Abyss?
  • A) The Architect of the Worldwound
  • For successfully answering all of the questions correctly you will then be rewarded with 137XP
  • Nenio will then introduce herself properly, claiming to be both an explorer and a pilgrim. She will now be willing to join your party as a new companion.
  • The More Than Nothing side quest will then trigger


The line between fascination and obsession cannot be seen up close, only from a distance. Nenio considers herself a great scholar, master of all the sciences, and an unparalleled experimenter. But most others see her as a lunatic in thrall to knowledge.


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