Postal 4 : No Regrets – Pay Fine (Tuesday Tasks) Guide

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In Postal 4: No Regrets you will be given several different tasks, basically ‘To-Do Tasks’ that must be completed in order to progress on with the game. You will be given different tasks as each day passes and a new day begins.

One of the tasks is to Pay Fine, which is part of the Tuesday ‘To-Do Tasks’.

DAY: Tuesday

Heading south west of the map there will be a red buggy that we can ride around, do so and take it north.

Here there will be a Mobility building and several parked cars, quite a few of which are illegally parked. You will want to use the ticket machine to point and fine these wrongful vehicles.

From there continue heading east to find even more illegally parked vehicles.

One way to find out which of these cars are illegally parked is by looking at the parking meter. Here you will notice that some of them have expired, this is what you are looking for.

Most vehicles, if not all, that are parked by a parking meter will be illegally parked. So keep an eye out for these meters and explore the entire map until the task is complete.

Usually expired parking meters are red, whilst the good ones will be green. So you mainly want to find the expired red ones.


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