Postal 4 : No Regrets – Sewer Worker (Monday Tasks) Guide

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In Postal 4: No Regrets you will be given several different tasks, basically ‘To-Do Tasks’ that must be completed in order to progress on with the game. You will be given different tasks as each day passes and a new day begins.

One of the tasks is to Sewer Worker, which is part of the Monday ‘To-Do Tasks’.

TO-DO LIST TASK: Sewer Worker
DAY: Monday

Head to the east of the map in order to find the entrance to the sewers.

After the scene inspect your map and you will notice several clogged pipes, broken lights, and many other issues within the sewers. Our job is to fix these issues.

Explore the sewers until you discover one of these issues, then proceed to fix them. There are a total of 8 Light Bulbs, 7 Clogged Pipes, and 4 Pump Parts to sort out.

The sewers will feature various rats that will try to attack you, so be ready for them.

The light bulbs that need fixing will be obvious as they will be flashing on and off, simply interact with them to fix them. You can use any nearby crates in order to reach any that might be a bit too high.

The clogged pipes are all mainly in the same area. They have been clogged by large boulders. In order to remove these boulders you will need to use grenades and explosives.

The pump parts can be found in the pump station area and more specifically in the various storage rooms. The pump parts consist of valve handles and pipes. You will also have to use the crates to pass across the sewer water and climb the pipes in order to reach these actual rooms. Once you have collected one of the valves be sure to fit it into the correct room in order to lower the sewer water and continue your search.

Once everything has been fixed we can then leave the sewers.


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