Postal 4 : No Regrets – Animal Catcher (Monday Tasks) Guide

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In Postal 4: No Regrets you will be given several different tasks, basically ‘To-Do Tasks’ that must be completed in order to progress on with the game. You will be given different tasks as each day passes and a new day begins.

One of the tasks is to Animal Catcher, which is part of the Monday ‘To-Do Tasks’.

TO-DO LIST TASK: Animal Catcher
DAY: Monday

To the middle of the map there should be a garage shed. Enter the shed for a quick scene

Our task now is to lure and capture both dogs and cats that are nearby. We can do this by using the nearby board to gain tips on how to lure the animals.

Anyway there will be a few boxes nearby that contain catnip and dog treats

In order to lure the dogs simply throw the dog treats to get their attention and then lead them to the dog bowls by the van. You will need to collect a total of 3 dogs altogether

In order to get the cats you will have to run around until you notice them, just casually walking around town. Once you successfully manage to spot a cat simply go and pick them up and return them to the van. Just like with the dogs there are 3 cats to find and bring back


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