Postal 4 : No Regrets – Prison Guard (Monday Tasks) Guide

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In Postal 4: No Regrets you will be given several different tasks, basically ‘To-Do Tasks’ that must be completed in order to progress on with the game. You will be given different tasks as each day passes and a new day begins.

One of the tasks is to Prison Guard, which is part of the Monday ‘To-Do Tasks’.

TO-DO LIST TASK: Prison Guard
DAY: Monday

In order to complete the Prison Guard task you will have to find and access the large white building, which is located to the west of the map.

After the scene involving the Prison Guard, there will be a revolver nearby that we can collect. Next to the revolver there will be a locked gate with a keypad. The code to this keypad will be given to you, otherwise the code you want is 111

In this next room there will be a door leading to a set of ladders. This door can be found on the pillar in the middle of the room, you may have to wait until the dialogue is over before it will open for you.

We will now find ourselves inside the watch tower. There will be another keypad here, next to the Laptop. The code to this one is 696. Unfortunately, this turns out to be the incorrect code and all of the prison cells will open. Releasing the inmates.

Our task now is to head to the various cell blocks and insert a code into the keypads. The first cell block that we can visit is Cell Block C.

Make your way to Cell Block C and you can find the keypad in the Cafeteria area, in the side room by the Laptop. The code for this one can be got from the previous area, the area where we inserted the 696 code. If you did not pick it up then input the following; 183

Inputting this code will give us the code to Cell Block A, that is our next destination. This keypad can be found in a side room by the row of cells. The code for this one, if you did not pick it up is 846. We will now have the code for Cell Block B

The Cell Block B keypad is also by the row of cells. The code here, if you did not already get it, is 778. This should be our last one.

With the Cell Block codes all in place, the lockdown will then be lifted and a scene will trigger.


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